Bloggers’ Day is here!!

Ya, finally the day is here, the day for which I have sent so many mails. The day of celebration of Blogging in IIIT.

I have been preparing for this day since the last few days, haven’t written any posts even though I had my ideas clinging to my mind but I wanted to do a BLOGATHOM today and I am all set to go.

Well let’s hope I can do this BLOGATHOM today.

For the first time, I am not writing posts for comments or hits, it is for a purpose, atleast I have to do something for the initiative I have taken. I know it would have meant more hits and comments (which has historically been one of my prima focus) had I written these posts over a period of time but sometimes the importance of things change.

Update: Written 3 posts as of yet, lets see how many more I can write.

Update2: Net in unbelievably bad in my room, havnt been able to see the Create New Post since yesterday night 😦 Of all days this had to happen today… Why God?? Why??

FInally net is working, I will start posting now.. 🙂


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