Congratulations IIIT

Finally IIIT celebrated its first Bloggers’ Day and all I have to say in Congratulations IIIT for the awesome amount of blogging seen in IIIT on the day.

Taking a look at the stats, we had atleast 25 posts on 29th and 30th of August on the occasion of Bloggers’ Day. I also saw Gtalk status of many people telling about their latest posts (in some cases their first posts) which would take the count to atleast 30 posts for the Bloggers’ Day and this can’t be termed as any mean achievement. We also had 4 posts coming today which can also be counted as Bloggers’ Day posts thus taking the count to 35. 😀

Lets us all raise a toast to all the bloggers for making this day a memorable one. The biggest plus coming on this day was some of the UG3 bloggers coming to party. We were quite disappointed with UG3 but finally they too proved their mettle.  Cheers to u guys J

Though I would have loved to see some blogging from UG2 & UG1, may be next time we can hope to see some activity from these guys.

One post which celebrated the spirit of Bloggers’ day in real sense was this; where Vishnu Fafat rates the best posts of Bloggers’ day. Must read, I’ll say.

Due to the pathetic condition of net in hostels wasn’t able to publish this post till now. So now publishing it from MS.


7 thoughts on “Congratulations IIIT

  1. @ Vishnu : Just b active in blogging.. n u will keep getting back links.. thats what happens with all!!

    @ Kulbir : Thanks 🙂

    @ Karan : 😀

    @ Abbulu : Ya, I was expecting u to post on 30th, your batch disappointed 😦

    @ Prateek : Lets see..I think sometime after 15th of sept, We can have it.. I think!!!

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