Elder Siblings

I personally think, having an elder sibling is one of the best things which can happen to any person ever. Agreed, you have to tolerate the bullying all your life but that minus is also negated if your elder sibling happens to be sister. I am one of those fortunate people who have had the great fortune of having an elder sister.

My biggest helper in my childhood used to be my sister, who used to do all the drawings for me as I used to suck at drawing; well this is quite common for many guys who have sisters. The main thing of having an older sibling is that the person has always “Been there, Done that”. One of my biggest help in my 10th class was again none other than my sister. She was quite a shrewd person when it came to knowing what to study and I as usual being the lazy types never cared to see model papers and things like that. But my sister was (is?? 😛 ) a genious, she always had an idea about what to study and what not to in exams, which reduced the load of my history (the subject I dreaded most )course to atleast half and the second most dreadful course, the heavy weight Biology also, I could study only because of her, prior to my exam, I was in my typical “fati hui” state, it was only her who somehow made me study and remember all that bull shit.

That was all the story of past, now coming back to present and very near past. My sis being elder than me, got job before me and by grace of God, she landed up in Hyderabad and since then it has been a joy ride for me. Ofcourse with an earning sister, you tend to get gifts and all your dinners and expenses are paid for whenever you meet. Well this is all okay, no big deal in this, every one can do that but the best part is all the little little things which happen.

Almost all the times, I go to meet her, there is always maggi at her place ready to be cooked as soon as I come. For the first time in my 21 years, I don’t have to fight her for the TV remote at her house, it is always mine. All the t-shirts, I keep getting from her. The main thing is not about money spent, for the last 4 months even I am earning money thanks to Microsoft but even now when I get something from her; it is much more valuable than anything which I bought with my money.

All our lives, we detest being treated as small, young or kids but somehow even that thing looks so cool now. Generally you give small kids chocolates, toffees when you go and meet. These days whenever I come back from her house, many times I am loaded with chocolates or packets of toffees or kurkure. A very small gesture on her part but a thing which always pleases me no end. The thing which has been inspiration for the post.

Its not the stuff you are getting which pleases but the feeling of being cared for, feeling that there is someone who still thinks of you when you are the sole responsible person for yourself. The feeling of being a kid again, where someone gives you stuff. How I have missed all this for so many years!! How I wish this to continue forever.


15 thoughts on “Elder Siblings

  1. 🙂 I too have an elder sis…. though I can claim I helped her out in her studies (yeah despite being younger 😀 ) …. but as far as all the other fundas of ‘life’ and ‘family values’ are concerned she has contributed one-third (two-third … my parents :D) … can’t imagine life without her (being a single lonely kid) ……..

    P.S : can’t avoid using fractions….. was studying DI 😀

  2. I am the elder one which has its disadvantages as well but the kind of respect 😛 i get from my lil sis more than makes up for all the lectures i had to hear on being responsible.

  3. well…siblings are real gifts we get.We play,we fight,we laugh,we plan pranks,we save our pocket money to buy mom/dad a keychain and we really miss them….
    BTW, in my case it is reverse,my brother buys me choclate every time I go home ….and I ???:P

  4. My younger sister forced me to get her an Aloe Vera plant and Cadbury’s Celebrations for Rakshabandhan. Me being a ‘chindi chor’, reluctantly bought ’em. (aloe vera plant, weird right! she explains: “you just cut the stem and put the viscous material on your face. it’s..um…good for health” i was like “woteva, okay fine! i’ll get that”. girls! 24 hours plants, chocos, this and that) But I’m thankful to her for giving me my ‘space’.

  5. I don’t have a sis … 😦 … though i have elder bros who buy me things now n then and i love them a lot 🙂
    good post 🙂

  6. I live in my Brothers brand.. as in I use his cell phone,
    his clothes which fail to fit him because he is over sized,
    his bike, his shoes …etc etc, I get my monthly allowance
    from him but in return I have to get him all the latest
    movies(DC++ raks!)….
    We do not fight .. its scary to imagine two bulky figures
    fighting… Though I take the credit of getting a deep mark
    on his nose…. I remember we use to imitate all the
    WWF wrestlers and we used to mimic film actors
    and made our own feature films. It was fun..
    Aah! Nothing much has changed , though we don’t meet that
    often but we still manage to find time for arm wrestling.

  7. hey, I have an elder sister too…and the most interesting part is that our elder sisters have been classmates just like the two of us 😀 🙂
    I agree that having an elder sibling is a huge advantage.I can never reciprocate all that I have got from my sis….plus the times we’ve shared, wish those can come back again!

  8. @ Karan : Well I guess its a universal phenomenon!!

    @ Pankaj : Ya man, you learn quite a bit frmo ur elder bro or sis.. N even to this date, I keep learning some thing or the other from her!!

    @ Aniket : Hmm.. ya that means you have benefits frm both sides!!

    @ Namrata : Respect is one thing which I somehow missed out… Elder siblings always get respect to a certain extent (guess Indian Culture flows strong in us). If the gap is large then it is obvious but even in cases like me when gap is about 1 year which amkes us almost equal even there it is generally there.. Even now I wud listen to her if she says something to me seriously!! Have been doing this all my life!! 😛

    @ Bhanu : Ya thats also one good point.. but that can be there even if you hav a younger sis…

    @ Rahul : You ain’t complaining bt sure as hell you are missing out on sumthing!!

    @ Prashasti : taking gifts frm ur younger bro.. even when u earn in form of TA ship.. You are such a %&&@#$!@# .. Blot on the name of elder sis!! 😛

    @ Neuron : Ha ha ha.. Aloe Vera plant!! 😛

    @Manish : Thanks man!!

    @ Sunbeam : You will relate when u start earning.. n ur younger bro or sis is in the same city!! 😛

    @ Vipul : Thanks be.. Even though elder bros do the same things(have experienced with an elder bro too :D)but somehow bro or sis are quite different!! Well the diff between guys n girls…

    @ Chand : We do not fight Shouldn’t it be NOW 😛

    @ Mansi : Exactly my sentiments!!! 🙂

    @ Deepti : he he..”:not there when i need my space” 😉 Nice line!! 😛

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