Finally I have reached the landmark, after about 2 years of blogging, I finally reach the milestone of 200th post on this blog and man does this feel wonderful :).  I am quite overjoyed on finally being able to score a double ton. I finally sit down to write down the 200th post and this was not done is a Sehwagesque manner with the help of a six when I was in 190s instead I being a true devotee of my God Sachin Tendulkar, decided to reach this landmark with caution and patience so that the fruit of success tastes more sweeter after all this waiting and hence taking 21 days to move from 196 to 200. They always say that the fruit of patience is always sweet, so I wanted to taste this sweet fruit. I don’t have any agenda behind writing this post, I am not gonna list out my fav posts as I did when I completed my century instead I am just gonna blabber whatever comes to my mind.
After having succesfully and continously udating this blog for more than 2 years and 200 posts, I can write this as my only achievement of consisteny in all these 21 years of existence. I always start doing things but always leave them midway, started writing a diary n number of times  but discontinued it after a few entries. Start studying for exams many times but always drop the book to return back to BC. This one thing has proved beyond any doubt that even I can be consistent and responsible when situation or my heart demands.
There have been quite a few gains which I have had as a result of starting and maintaining this post, along with sharing my thinking with many people. It  has also made me more of a thinker, these days I think on many topics which I wouldn’t have given a damn about before starting out with this blog, and ofcourse writing blogs has improved my writing a lot, I am not a good writer even now but if you have a look at some of my initial posts they just look like a pile of shit but now atleast I write a bit more coherent than before and ofcourse I also started to write a bit of poetry , one thing which I could only dream of all my life but now I can say that I am a bits and pieces poet.
It sure feels great when some unknown person from the other side of the globe comes on the blog and comments sometimes appreciating me and sometimes criticizing me. One thing blogging has given to the world is the freedom of writing , you can write whatever you feel, whenever you feel. You could be a great writer or you could be a piece of shit when it comes to writing but you don’t need anybody’s permission to write, just blog on when n where you wish. Thanks to blogging.
One more thing it has given me is the chance to interact with so many more people, the people whose blogs I read, people who read my posts, got to know few of the alumnus of my college courtesy this.
Right now I feel like all the cricketers do after having reached a big milestone. When I started out, I just wished to write without thinking of how far I will go but after coming here, I certainly feel that I have covered some serious distance and hope to continue this journey for many many years. I certainly feel like a veteran today, akin to what cricketers might feel after playing 200 ODIs
Cheers to Blogging & lifeizlikethat!! After all “Ye Meri Life Hai” 🙂
Sorry to bore you but just wanted to blurt it out, it feels great.


18 thoughts on “200

  1. Thanks a lot guys n gals.. 🙂 n Party…. Hmmm! we’ll see!!

    @ Aniket : I am sure some day will come which will elevate you where I am.. 🙂

    @ Mansi : He he.. Cricket runs in the blood of Indians, so its bound to come in moments of joy!!

    @Sachin : I was confused at first who the guy is 😉 it would have been lot easier with passonate me 😛 Anyways thanks.. 🙂

  2. Congrats yaar !! tu hamare batch ke sabse purane bloggers main se ho aur saath hi un logon main se jinhone bahuto ko blogging karne ke liye inspire kiya hai …
    keep Posting !!

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