Ek Aur Lau Zindagi ki??

Warning: I might get a little too emotional, so if you don’t like emotions and sentiments, please don’t read this. If you think that this is all crap and bullshit, then I request you to close the tab and do me and yourself a favour because you might easily get irritated after reading this. If you are looking for anything logical or reasonable then this is not it.

“Ek Lau Zindagi ki Kyun Bujhi mere maula”

Ek Lau Zindagi ki??

This is the only line which is coming to my mind today and for the last few days. So many lights of life are lost forever and there is nothing that we can do. It started with one blast each year, which became twice or thrice every year, going from once a month to once a fortnight and now the situation is that each and every day you are listening of a blast in some city or the other. After the Delhi blast, police sprang into action and killed and captured a few militants which gave all of us a (false??) sense of security that now the terrorists would think twice before doing such a thing again. The nation mourned over the death of Inspector Sharma but was proud that there are still such sons of soil who can be counted upon to protect us from the threat of these terrorists.

BUT, in reply what we get is blasts again in Delhi a fortnight later. Blasts in Gujarat & Maharashtra yesterday and now blasts in Agartala today. There is no cost of life these days and you should be prepared to die any day. In fact I am shocked that cities like Calcutta and Chennai haven’t still faced the brunt of these BASTARDS. For the first time in my life, I am worried about my nation, I am distraught seeing the state of my mother, the nation which has given me everything and I can’t do anything. I can just sit and shed tears and see my motherland being tottered. I am not worried about the loss of lives, though I have been lucky enough not to lose any of my closed one and I thank God for that. Our nation has suffered far greater disasters; the floods in Bihar have affected 25 million people, which is a number unimaginable for any terrorist activity.

I am terrified of the mental effect of all this, they are raping my country and she is raped again and again after each and every blast and still we can’t do anything. All that we can do is sit and watch and hope them to commit a blunder, hope for some intervention from some force above us, pray to the God above us. This is the first time in my life that I feel like crying even when there has been no personal loss. Agreed cricket matches have sometimes made me emotional to a certain extent but after all that’s a sport and you can always console yourself, but how do I console myself now?

How long are they gonna do this and why are they doing this? Please somebody go and stop them. Please talk to them, appease them, do anything possible. You can stoop as low as you want to do this but please save my mother. She has suffered a lot of scars on her body and if they keep inflicting more and more of these scars, then she can crumble because of all these injuries and I can’t ever think of living a life without my mother. I need her blessings with me all through my life. She has reared all my previous generations provided them with everything; I don’t want to be deprived of her shelter.

Please somebody listen to my pleas, please somebody stop this; it is going out of limits. Never in my life have I wished for a Superman to exist, wish there was some Superman who could bring us out of this trouble. I don’t know about others but now I am too tired and heart broken to listen to news of any more blasts. Somebody talk to these guys, somebody listen to what they are demanding. Give them whatever they demand but save my mother. Please I request you!!

Can we have a Gandhi now, Who can mesmerize the nation again?

How long do we have to wait for the 9th avatar of Lord Vishnu to come and save us?? Where are you, whoever you are?? If there is something powerful which seeks to maintain goodness of the society and humans. If there is some such thing or some one who answers to our notions of God. Then what is he doing? How many more exams will you take? If you keep failing the student in each and every exam then the student is bound to give up, some or the other day he is going to lose all his hope and courage and submit to defeat. I am pretty sure you don’t want that to happen to us? What is the crime of my mother? She has always been a Good Samaritan, always trying to support the weak nations, never hurting anyone. Why is it that it is always she who has to suffer?

PS: Wikipedia says “As of 2006, at least 232 of the country’s 608 districts were afflicted, at differing intensities, by various insurgent and terrorist movements.” Now what more can I say


10 thoughts on “Ek Aur Lau Zindagi ki??

  1. Have never been a huge fan of Mahatma Gandhi but wishing that somehow we can have Non-Violence in our nation. Wish his soul could do something for us.

  2. Its a tough time for India, its a tough time for the world. Isn’t a happy thought but compare 232 to 0ver 2000 in Gujarat, 500,000 in Darfur, and a million in Iraq. Its not the best way to look at things but its not only terrorism thats killing people. Sometimes people like you and me thoughtlessly create massacres. Our best weapon during these tough times is unity without which we will fall apart. Like you, I hope the world remembers non-violence and Gandhi. As for us Indians, I think we are doing great in handling this. We cannot let ourselves get carried away and believe violence is the way to end violence and save lives. No more wars!

    The 9th Vishnu avatar would be great but for now I guess we will have to manage without him. There’s so much more each one of us can do than what we have planned for. May be its time to plan differently.

    BTW Well written.

  3. And I didn’t mean to belittle India’s suffering with those figures and I also ended up quoting the wrong number, but I hope you get my point. – Peace

  4. i think its time for our fat government politicians/authorities to get up from their sleep and take some action to tackle the internal terrorist activities
    but it seems that the blast just fails to make any difference on their deaf ears

  5. i may sound unreasonable, insensitive etc etc, but

    the purpose of these pathetic multiple small scale serial blasts around the cities is to generate fear among the masses, destabilise institutions, cause mutual suspicion/hatred rather than cause serious damage.

    and the horde of news-cameras, irresponsible-reporting, disturbing-images, unnecessary-berating, insensitive police-action, ‘sensationalising’ speeches, et al mainly end up contributing to it …

  6. usually when someone posts a warning at the top of their post i take heed. however, due to a weird combination of circumstances i happened to read the entire text of the warning and decided to read the whole post against my better judgement.

    +1 to mythalez. I think there is just too much sensationalism in the news. Everyone wants to sensationalize it in the news, not giving two hoots for the sentiments of the people affected or about objectivity or about being non-biased.

  7. @ Sunbeam : Well actually that no 232 was not about deaths but instead the affected districts.. Ya I know there are other nations who are suffering more than us but I am no champion of the cause of world peace.. I am a simple normal person who is perturbed seeing the state of his nation

    @ Shrikant : Well what can I say 😦

    @ Mythalez : I will agree with you on this issue but as for me, I am not afraid of it. I am just too frustrated with all this.. I wasnt much disturbed when there were occasional blasts which killed more than 100 people at a time. Instead this series of blasts of low intensity is more disturbing because this isnt allowing us to sleep in peace. Earlier this was once in a year event at most. Now every week! I think peace of mind is the most important and this is what is being lost

    @ Obelix : Well there can be no doubt about the sensationalism in media but that I think is the need of hour. The mass demands sensation, they are not satisfied by normal news, they have to watch reality shows and all that crap and media is more of a business these days than anything. I personally think that the govt instead of placing curbs on channels like AXN n FTV, should do it for news channels. Those channels might be vulgar but they wont harm you but these news channels affect your whole mental framework. An example of this was the LHC Experiment which was sensationalised so much by the media that people started thinking it will be the end of the world. But after all they too have to earn money!! 😦

  8. I do agree that we are facing a very tough time. However, I feel that there is no point in crying out for help… In this wicked world, there are very few people who consider it worth to go out of their way to help… It has to start from within. An attitude of “I Will” is what I prefer, instead of “Someone Please”… and certainly from a college student, studying in one of the premier institutes of the country, it is upto us to change… This might sound insensitive, but remember Amir Khan’s dialogues in Rang de Basanti…
    Great Post… Loved it… 🙂

  9. @ Ninad : First of all glad that you loved it 🙂 About doing something for it.. Hmm thats where the main problem lies. I dont think there is dearth of ppl who are wiling to do but the problem is of finding a way how to do and what to do!!

    @ Obelix : Just like that.. Just didn’t come to my mind

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