Beatles: The Gods!! N My Fav tracks…

Many of my friends who have been intimidated by the huge collection of the Betles music, have been asking me to compile a list of my fav Beatles songs so that they can also initiate their transition to this God like music. So for their benefit and for some other Beatles newbies, here is a list of my fav Beatles songs.

The songs are not arranged in the order of my liking rather in chronological order but can assure you my fav Beatles no is Here Comes the Sun from Abbey Road, this is one of the best piece of music I have ever heard, so simple, so sweet and so relaxing. I am yet to find a single person who has listened to this track and doesn’t like it. This is one song which each and everybody can enjoy. So my friends just once try these songs out before you can claim that you don’t like Beatles.


Song Title



I’ll follow the Sun

Beatles For Sale





You’ve got to hide your love away






Norwegian Woods

Rubber Soul


In My Life (There are places)

Rubber Soul


Eleanor Rigby



Yellow Submarine



With a little Help from my Friends

Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band


She’s leaving Home

Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band


Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band


Blue Jay Way

Magical Mystery Tour


I am the Walrus

Magical Mystery Tour


Strawberry Fields Forever

Magical Mystery Tour


Penny Lane

Magical Mystery Tour



The White Album


Come Together

Abbey Road



Abbey Road


Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

Abbey Road


Octopus’s Garden

Abbey Road


Here comes the Sun

Abbey Road


Let it Be

Let it Be


Hey Jude

Blue Album


How do you do it

Anthology 1


I want to Hold Your Hand



Song of The Day:- Goodbye is just another word by Lobo

PS1: Writing PSes and Song of the Day after long time.

PS2: For the psychedelic music enthusiasts, Blue Jay way and Because are a treat to your ears.

PS3: Counting on the Indian batsmen to atleast play out a draw in the test match

PS4: Examination Rule no 10 is the weirdest I have ever heard.


15 thoughts on “Beatles: The Gods!! N My Fav tracks…

  1. I think Hey Jude is a great song. So are Michelle, Long and Winding Road and Across the Universe. Their music has survived even after decades and no other group can even touch them when it comes to simplicity. Nice list!

  2. its hard to compile a list of the best songs .. almost are their songs are brilliant! add to this list – chains, anna, i’m only sleeping, ps i love you, you’ve really got a hold on me .. it doesn’t end, so its better i stop here! 🙂

  3. Nice compilation … but i m seriously surprised to see “While my guitar gently weeps” missing.

    (putting the knife on author’s throat ) Its a mistake right?

  4. @ Abhijeet & Karan : Like holding a knife to your throat and making you listen to them?? I would say its ur loss after all

    @ Namrata : Thats a thing I love very much “Simplicity”. Ofcourse some of their music is more complex than any other thing but the USP is the simplicity.. Ofcourse the songs you have listed too are great but I can have only a fixed set in top 25. Btw Long and Winding Road was in the top 30 but failed to make it into 25 😛

    @ Satya : Pleaasntly surprised to see more Beatles fans in our batch, nevr knew there were more (except Adi), well ofcourse the list is just never ending.. They are THE BEST

    @ Aniket :Not all of their music is sitautional, only few tracks of Sgt Peppers are

    @ Ravikishore : I too like the song but not amongst the top 25 for me

    @ @nks : I knew somebody would be asking this question and to make it clear I too like the song a lot…. but you know what, the song is very Un-Beatles-que, (atleast thats what I feel and this is my list after all :P)I like the acoustic version of the song more but thats not the original.

  5. @ Sunanda : Hmm.. Across the Universe is one song I think I might add to the list.. Lets see!!
    N so does the explanation for While my Guitar sound plausible enough?? 🙂

  6. I’m a die-hard Beatles fan and I recommend each and every fan to watch the 2007 movie Across the Universe. I was a little skeptical initially as to how the story would be woven around the songs but it is done rather nicely. I just love the way the film begins, with Jim Sturgess singing Girl and the other song that I really like in the movie is Strawberry Fields Forever – ohhh it is just so beautifully picturised, especially the part where he nails strawberries on a board and the pulp oozes out – a visual treat. Watch it and you’ll surely fall in love with the songs all over again.

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