Sachin : The Phenomenon!!

I need not remind anyone of the occasion of today’s post, even the cricket noobs are aware of the fact that this is the day of the God, this is the day when he has surged past Lara making him the official crown holder in both the forms of cricket. We all knew this moment was to come, sooner or later we knew that this was the place which Sachin rightly deserved and finally today he did the needful doing the task of getting the required 16 runs and going past Lara, the one batsman in modern cricket whose stature can be compared to that of Sachin.

If the knock played by him in the 2nd innings of previous test match was an antithesis of the Sachin we have known then today we saw Sachin at song, of course the part till he scored the runs required to overhaul Lara was a bit painful but that is understandable but after that everything was vintage Sachin. If the glorious On-Drive, the Cover drive with ball speeding away was there then there was also the use of feet against the spinner to send the ball to midwicket boundary. It was Sachin as we have seen him for so long, the person who sounded death knell for the opposition. The whole innings was chanceless except the once he made a mistake and Peter Siddle the debutant made merry 😦 depriving Sachin of a well deserved century.

There has been a lot of hue and cry over Sachin extending his career, him being finished and Ian Chappell saying that the “Fab Four” are playing only for financial gains. To that man I will just say one thing “_|_”. Sachin answered you today and then answer didn’t come by the display of his shots or the innings he played here or in Chinnaswamy or the hundreds of others which he has played over the last 19 years. You just have to see him still running hard the first run always looking for more and more runs. His eagerness for runs was quite evident when he played a ball from Johnson and wanted the third run though Ganguly the evergreen sloth of Indian team not interested sent him back which brought an immediate frustrated “Come on” from the master and after all this if you tell me that this guy doesn’t have the drive to play, then it would be better if we just don’t talk about it.

As a batsman he may be at par with a rare few but he is not only a player for us Indians, he is a phenomenon, he is the God. He is the inspiration we all look forward to when we want to know how success looks like; he is the epitome of hard work. He is the face of the new India which like the Indian team was hopeless in 90s until he came and showed us how to succeed and how to take the opposition on, no matter how strong the opposition is. Even if you have your back to the wall, you can always come out a winner, if you wanna achieve it.

In the end would just quote cricinfo

“But Tendulkar is more than the sum of his figures. His mere presence is a morale booster, both for his ten colleagues in the team, and the billion supporters outside it. As remarkable as his record is his self-possession. His head hasn’t changed size, his boots haven’t grown smaller. He alone knows what it means to be Tendulkar, with its frustrations, its sacrifices, and the need to be Tendulkar at all times. He is a one-man university that teaches sportsmen how to handle money, fame and pressure”

Just one more thing to say

Cricket is my Religion AND
Sachin is my GOD

Cheers to you Sachin! May you score many many more of these runs.

EDIT: Some time back a friend of mine asked me who would I chose between “Beatles and Sachin”, I was confused for a while before deciding it was Sachin but I can’t be more sure today about the answer. Thank you man for all these Wonder Years which you gave us!! 😀

EDIT2: Few Interesting reads
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Song of the Day: – High Hopes by Pink Floyd

PS1:- Went to see my first match in stadium, the ICL match between Delhi Giants n Bengal Tigers, though wasn’t that great an experience, but we got the tickets worth Rs.300 in 50 bucks 🙂
PS2:- Really need to start working on my BTP and CAT prep and placement, everything’s getting stacked and I’m not doing anything 😦
PS3:- Gonna get a party tomorrow!! Will be going to Angeethi for the first time.
PS4:- Listening to Floyd after ages 🙂
PS5:- Everyone knows about the milestone which Sachin and Ganguly reached but no one should forget the milestone which Ishant Sharma reached.. He scored his 100th Test run today!! So cheers to the lad
PS6:- This is my 3rd post on Sachin, but can any number of posts dedicated to him reflect the gratitude we feel for being entertained for so many years? Naah…
PS7:- Btw should say sorry to all the people who clicked on the feed in Blogroll and found no post on my blog two days back, I will come back with the post for sure!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Sachin : The Phenomenon!!

  1. Man, I think I told you that I’m gonna cry the day this guy hangs his boots. Personally for me, for years together, this guy was His manifestation, until my belief stumbled a bit.

    (would prefer to remain anony)

  2. Whenever we used to see lackluster bowling we asked, “are these the fastest ones?”, whenever we saw the batting collapse we said, “can’t they stand even for 50 overs?”, forget fielding whenever the well equipped keeper dropped catches we asked, “Is he the only one?”, but for all these almost 19 years, 28k+ runs, 80 centuries and during all records breaking, on every single meeting of bat and ball everyone had one answer very clear in their mind . “If anyone can play this shot better than HIM then its himself, Sachin Tendulkar.”

  3. Okay… I agree this time 😀 Hats off…. and a Standing (rather bowed) ovation to the little master 🙂 and he deserves every tiny bit of appreciation that you and thousands of others like you have poured out today !!!

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