Warning : Long Post

Its been ages since I posted anything on the blog, 2 months 9 days to be exact. Since moving onto wordpress this has been the longest time duration for which I havent written even a single thing, so thought of posting just a little update of things gone by in the past 2 months. Most of the time in this period, it can be safely assumed that I was really busy, which is a very rare phenomenon in B.Tech but then 4th year also comes just once and also the placements, which can be said to be the trophy of 4 years of Engg, so I finally did some work and studying and as a result the blog of mine got neglected.

The 2 months which have passed have been quite eventful to say the least.

Starting the chain was CAT, 4 years after giving the JEE and AIEEE, it was time again for an all India competitive exam and would say this was one exam which I enjoyed, mainly because I wasnt too interested in it, so had no pressure whatsoever and ofcourse I luvd doing the Quant part in the mock tests which I used to give. Well but I guess taking it too lightly took its toll, screwed up my DI section in the paper, reading 4 questions wrong and as a result missing out on a few calls, so had to settle with just one call from IIM-L. Now people are after me to start preparing for GD/PI. 😦

Coming to the second and the main thing in this time, PLACEMENT.. Maa-baap combined of everything in B.Tech. The single most important thing for almost everybody who comes to an Engg Collg!! Quite a few people told me that it is quite an interesting and testing time and should say I wasnt disappointed at all. Testing and interesting were there in no less quantity, with the market situation going from bad to worse and the placements in our college being the last in India, after all the IITs and NITs, it was quite an ordeal getting a job, but thankfully I got through this phase without any major setbacks. The week which passed from the day placements started to the day I was placed must have been the toughest week in my life, never ever have I been so disheartened, felt so low, came so close to breaking as in this particular week. One special thing which happened during this time was, although the days were passing very quickly but when we looked back at the time, 4 days used to seem like 4 weeks. The whole thing was so eventful that everyday seemed to consist of so many days at once. Though was finally relieved to get rid of the gruesome schedule of waking up at 4-5 in the morning and getting ready to be displayed before the companies feeling like prostitutes, each one having his price, hoping to get picked for more. Seriously a time never to be forgotten.Now that I look back and see that I got placed on the 7th day but those 7 days seem like eons when compared to a month since then which seems to have passed in a blur!!

Though one good thing which came out of the placement process was, people got closer. If Felicity’08 was the first thing which seemed to being people closer to each other, then this was another thing. All of us used to assemble together and have BC sessions in the evening after one more disappointing day. The tag of apne log grew from about 10-15 people to atleast 30 people. The only good thing to have come out of this phase (ofcourse except getting placed) otherwise it was just a nightmare, facing failures each and every day.

I also had a (not to be proud of) record. Till the day I got placed, I had the maximum number of interviews with each of them proving to be failures. 😦 Though finally on 18th Dec got placed in Ivy Comptech!! 🙂 Also I would like to thank my friends for all the help and support they provided me all this time, I will never forget PK taking me for a walk after the Capital IQ written or Adi waiting for me in front of NVidia office and taking me to Suraj or Maroo and Chand calling me after the NVidia, I was seriously heartbroken that day!

Another interesting thing about placement was, I was the least serious the day I got placed, I reached the venue of the test 15 mins late, just didnt have it in me to write a test again. And I wont believe that I got placed when I recieved the call, PK n Sachin two guys called me to give the news and my first reaction to both of them was

Abe mazak kyun kar raha hai yaar!

And after this whole, finally got a chance to go home after a long 8 months, went home last time in April and the stay at home was every bit as relaxing and pleasing as this phase was gruesome. Also went to Lucknow, my place, met a few of old friends and sumbdy special there (which in itself is a very long story).

But the highlight of the journey was going to Karvi, a place where I spent the initial part of my life that is from age 1-5. 🙂 One interesting anecdote about the place is about the first words I uttered, generally a child’s first words are ma, papa or sum such words but my first word was Goelal (a mispronouciation of Gorelal, which was the name of a servant who used to work at our home). I always used to listen stories from my mom about how good those people (the servants at our home then, and there were quite a few of them)were and how much they used to love us, it all seemed pretty hard to belive somebody would do such things for somebody they arent even related to, but even today 16 years after we left the place, those people are still so full of love, it was so touching to see them, take such pains for people who they met after 16 years and with whom they have no purpose.

Meeting them was such an eye opener, they are still so good in this world full of such filth!! I wish these guys all the best for their future! Lucky to have met and recieved love from such people!!


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. “getting ready to be displayed before the companies feeling like prostitutes, each one having his price, hoping to get picked for more”

    xactly …. !!

  2. good to see you back 🙂
    and dude don’t give up on IIM-L interview.. I made the same mistake in my last year… had 2 calls, had already been placed in one of the better companies of that time, and did not prepare well enough for the GD/PI.. of course I did not get selected .. and there is nothing like “the next year”… if you are serious about MBA, give it your best shot!

    aah, a long monologue, but hate to see someone repeating the same mistake that I made 🙂

  3. 🙂 .. went home after 8 months !!! you wont believe i went home 5 times ..the last sem .. 😛 ….. (its 15 hrs from here!!
    🙂 …. anyways …congrats for your placements !!…all the best for GD/PI …. 🙂

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