Bengal and the American Revolution

These days, there is a lot of talk abuot gloabalization and the effect that the situation of American economoy has on the economies of countries all over. While the effect of things happening in one part of the globe on sumthing on the other part has increased multifolds with the advancement of technolody and coming closer of the world coz of better transport facilities. But there have been some events where you could see the effect that the, one of them is the part played by the state of Bengal in The American Revolution.

The interrelated events in this scenario are the Bengal famine of 1770, a famine from 1769 to 1773 which killed one-thirds of the population of Bengal and the most famous event in the American Revolution, The Boston Tea Party.

Now coming to the connecting link between the two events:

As a result of the famine in Bengal, 1/3rd of the population had died. This sudden decline in the population set the bells ringing back in England. Military and Administrative costs mounted beyond control in the region of Bengal administered by the East India Company due to a marked drop in labour productivity. There was also the commerical stagnation an depression in Europe following the lull in post-Industrial revolution period.

All this didnt bode well with the economics of the East India Company.Directors of the East India Company in a desperate attempt to avert bankruptcy, sought help from the British Parliament. This led to the passing of the Tea Act in 1773, which gave the company greater Autonomy in running the trade, as it meant that the company didnt have to pay any customs or duty on tea it sold in the Colonies.

While there were a plenty of reasons which made Americans resent the British rule and there were protests but the Tea Act and the resulting event of Boston Tea Party was a major catalyst of Amrican Revolution and till date remains one of the most promiment event of American History.

We can see that not a very important reason behind the American Revolution, but the famine of Bengal can be seen as one of  the immediate cause for the American Revolution. The events transpired as a result of the famine, sure provided fuel to the fire burning inside the hearts of Americans.

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PS1:- Gandhi and India presentation done 🙂
PS2:- Thanks to Pranav Sir for telling me to go look for the effect of Bengal in American Revolution, this was quite an interesting find.
PS3:- Think I can be more regular in posting now!


9 thoughts on “Bengal and the American Revolution

  1. i guess that is understandable, afterall bengal and america were part of one big kingdom at that time. Its now that we know both of them as different countries… still interesting thing to know

  2. @ Karan, harsh, Manish : Yup it is!! i was so excited on hearing about this!! 🙂
    @Sushant : Ya its quite understandable when you think about it now, but would you have connected the two things together b4 knowing this!! 🙂
    @ Mux : he he!! LOL! 🙂
    @ Mythalez : That he has no doubts!! 🙂
    @ Pranav : Thanks for the link, this is even more interesting, even they were aware of this!! 🙂

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