Fear of the Dark

Hey ppl tried to write something a bit similar to what ppl can call poetry after a long time!! Temme how did it turn out.. and try to understand am (quite) a bit rusty!! Even the genre is entirely different..

Fear of The Dark

Lost in my thoughts I lay
Under the light of stars, things all so dark
Make me wonder of the aftermath
Getting bogged down by the weights
Of things so ugly and dark
Searching for that ray of light
Lost under the cover of night so evil
Fears sundry clogging my mind
Night, night the fearsome one
Waking up demons all so evil
Sympathy for the devil seems to be the word
Weak in the knees I go
The further I trot the road desolate
The journey into the unfathomed
Forces of the soul going weak
End of the tunnel doesnt seem nigh
Is this the end for me ?
Or a beginning brand new ?
The tide is going to blow me away
Into the darkness of the night
Know not who I am!
Know not the path to follow!
Angel of darkness or A bearer of light
which of them is the dweller beneath me?


Song of the Day :- Whole lotta love…. What a solo!! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Fear of the Dark

  1. An indicator of how much Thrash/ Heavy metal / grunge you’ve been listening to of late 🙂

    What goes around, comes round. Or maybe, what you drink is what you puke!

  2. @ Aniket : Well actually not much of thrash/metal has been going on.. Just listened to a bit of Maiden thats it.. Nahin to otherwise its been classical rock for me!! 🙂

    @ Abhishek : Thanks a lot yaar!! 😀 Thanku!! Thanku!

    @ Abhijeet : He he.. I wish!! 🙂

    @ Karan : Should take it as next assignment!! 😀

    @ Sultan : Glad that you think so!! 🙂

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