[Tag]Muzzic – Thats how I like it

This must be one of the simplest and most interesting tag!! 🙂 Thanks Karan for this
I am presenting my data thanks to last.fm!! 🙂 One hell of an idea,
Stats + Music, the 2 things I love the most!! GG last.fm ppl

So here is my list of top played songs

Song Name – Artist Name ( Play Count)
1) American Pie – Don McLean (751)
2) There’s a Place – The Beatles (353)
3) How Do You Do It – The Beatles (321)
4) I Kept on Loving You – Carpenters (270)
5) Jaane Woh Kaise Log The – Hemant Kumar (236)
6) Yellow Submarine in Pepperland – The Beatles (231)
7) My Back Pages – The Beatles (229)
8 ) Imagine – John Lennon (220)
9) I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles (217)
10)Hazy Shade of Winter – Simon & Garfunkel (216)

As expected the list is dominated by The Beatles, 5 Beatles song and 1 by John Lennon!! 🙂

I tag Sultan, Utkarsh, Rakesh (Where are you guys), Skp (though I dont expect much from you 😉 ), Sunshine, Abhinav Bhai (if any of you ever chance to visit my blog)

Song of the Day -: Aisi Sazaa from Gulaal

PS1:- Went to a gig in a pub today after what must have been ages
PS2:- Watched Gulaal yest, liked it!! Would suggest everybody
PS3:- Gulaaal music, just cant remove it from my media player.. Too gud!! 🙂


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