TB Awards

The other day we were talking about Vibhav and his recent achievements and we started thinking that one day he will surely win “Turing Award” for his work and we came upon an idea of giving everyone in our group an award which would result with dramtic increase in their prowess in the thing they are good (or even interested) . I dunno if I made myself clear but people who know these guys will understand.

So here go the awards
1. Abhijeet (Pagare) – Wisden Cricketer of the Year
2. Aditya – CEO of Microsoft
3. Chirag – Castrol Consistent Performer
4. Himank – Booker Prize & Noble Prize in literature
5. Karan – Business Icon of the Year
6. Manish – Crack the interview
7. Piyush – Best Actress Award (for being the ever senti, ever romantic)
8. Prashant (Mathur) – “Human Chameleon”, the new super hero
9. Prashant (PK) – World Record Holder: 50 Puris in 1 min
10. Raman – Vision 2020
11. Shrikant – Best Actor for Singh is Kingg (for being THE Aksay Kumar)
12. Chand – Noble Peace Prize
13. Vibhav – Turing Award
14. Vipul – Best Actress in Villainous role (for being the typical bahu from ‘K TV shows’, I wanted to give him the title Komolika 😉 )

And btw the award for me wasn’t my idea, instead it was Pagare and Chand who thought of it. So spare me any questions like “Tu n writing :P” and Why I got 2 while others didn’t, this one also was their idea. 😛


8 thoughts on “TB Awards

  1. @ Adi : Yaeh some of them need to be explained 🙂
    @ Karan : 🙂
    @ Mux : Ha ha yeah I know use ummeed ki kiran dikh gayi hogi
    @ Rohit : Thanks da 🙂

    @ All : These awards also had contribution from Chand & Pagare 🙂 who asked me to be recognised as Co-Authors!! 🙂
    @ Chand : Happy 😉

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