La Martiniere Rocks :P

Finally with the day of my IIM-L interview coming closer, I started my preparation for the interview and was reading about Lucknow. Something struck me and I started reading about the famous schools of Lucknow, while reading about La Martiniere School, Lucknow chanced upon this:
Cock House
The House that scores the maximum number of points for academic performance and sporting prowess is declared the “Cock House” of the year and receives the prestigious Cock House Trophy. They are also treated to a celebratory party.

You can find more about the Martinian traditions here: 😛

ROFL!! ROFL! ROFL.. This must be the best tradition ever in any school around the world.
The “Cock” Trophy would be one trophy which no captain would like to recieve.
And ofcourse, I cant even begin to imagine the scene which would happen in La Martiniere girls school (that is if they also have the same tradition)

Song of the Day – Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

PS1:- Finally my IIM-L interview arriveth 😦 Gotta go to Bangalore day after 😦
PS2:- Not having been to Bangalore for the first 21.5 years of my existence, this is my 2nd trip to Bangalore in as many months
PS3:- No offence meant to any La Martiniere Captains who have won THE COVETED trohy 😛 but couldnt stop myself 😛
PS4:- Testi season in full flow, Yearbook keeps getting flooded with new feeds everyday 🙂
PS5:- I would love if any La Martiniere person (reading the post) can tell us whats the condition like in the college, the day somebody gets the cup 😛


7 thoughts on “La Martiniere Rocks :P

  1. @ Karan : Ya waiting for somebody
    @ Ghost Runner : On the contrary couldnt be less excited 😐 So dont wanna go to bang but call aa gayi to jana padega

  2. Btw.. My school also has the same tradition of a Cock House Cup (La Martinere Cal also does, I think). I guess most schools aged >100 yrs have the same tradition.

    And yes, I was in an all-girls school.. 😛

  3. The condition in Mart is a nice and festive, now that holi is close. The exams are over and so is the shooting.
    Yes shooting a new movie by red chillies was being shot hare. Everyone was crazy about, some say even shah rukh visited the sets. Maybe our principal will retire next year.

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