An Interesting Conversation with Mom :P

Was talking to mom yesterday and there was some talk about farewell and events related to it. Here is an excerpt from the conversation

Mom : Drink to nahin karega na farewell pe??
(Although asking a question but in a tone which sounds more like ordering)
Me : (Sounding confused)Nahin
(try to sound uninterested coz you don’t have idea or interest in it)
Mom : Achha waise peeta hai tu??
(Making sure whether her “Good” son is still the same)
Me : Nahin ma…
(Irritated while lying to mom)
Mom : Achha chakhi to hogi?
(A bit excited 🙂 )
Me : Nahin maa kahan
(Chori pakdi gayi?? )
Mom : Areeee… collg mein 4 saal rehne ke bad tune ye bhi nahin kiya to kya kiya?
(Chiding tone)
Me : :O
(WTF!! Are the guys so cool about IT??? :O)

Since then, its been contemplation , contemplation and yet more contemplation 😛

Song of The Day:– The Times they Are A-Changing by Bob Dylan