Whos the Funniest??

A few weeks back, just after Karan started watching Coupling. He had this status about who the greatest comedian is. His options were Kelso, Sheldon, Jeff & Barney. He was taking a poll sorta thing on gtalk. So I thought why not put it on blog. Readers must be fuming over the absebce of Joey in his list. In his defense he hadnt seen FRIENDS then 🙂
So my options arranged in the order in which I saw the shows are

Song of the Day – Whole lotta love by Led Zeppelin

PS1: Sorry Karan for stealing your idea.
PS2: Only 3 people from our batch got IIM converts :O :O :O Worst performance in ages
PS3: Abbulu also posted on the same lines, but he gave just 2 options 😐


4 thoughts on “Whos the Funniest??

  1. I haven’t seen most of the shows there but if I were to put up one person on the list from “That 70s Show”, it has to be Fez. His accent is enough to make you rolling on the floor and laughing. Michael Kelso is second to him.

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