Corporate Life : The Beginning

Corporate Life, the word which we had been hearing since the time we entered the place named IIIT-H finally came true for us. Many of us finally had a bite of the fruit of job. Entering into a different world, a new arena has been quite a different experience for almost everyone. The same people who were just STUDENTS a few months back and had given no thought to any of the issues they would have to face in the outside world are now tackling each and every such issue head on. I am talking mostly on the behalf of the people who joined in June, so there might be many a men who wouldnt be able to relate too much with what I have to say.

For namesake, we are white collared guys, who go to the office in the morning sit in Air Conditioned rooms in front of the systems do something or the other. Come back in the evening do some BC and are ready for the next working day, while harbouring hopes of fast approach of the ensuing weekend, when they can relax, stretch their legs and breathe for some time in a relaxed atmosphere. Two days when they are free of all types of tensions of getting up, having bath, go someplace and sit for some specified hour.

Yet in the hearts of most of the people, there is still the student which has been their only mode of living for the past so many uncountable years of life, they still yearn for the people who they have been calling friends for the last 4 years, people who have been a part and parcel of their lives. As a result every weekend, you can see a flock of the graduating batch people going to hostel just for BC or to play basket ball or just to have a meal in the same messes which they have been cursing all these years or to have a dinner in the college canteen, the cleanliness and hygeine of which has been a topic of many a discourses.

Almost everybody has a place to call home and that’s why the hostel which had been the abode for the last 4 years, seems a bit like an alien space, the right with which they used to storm into the place has been replaced by a quite walk which is energized only when they see a face which has been a part of their lives and yet any of these 100s of people would give their leg and an arm to live in that God damn place. Its not that people are not enjoying their lives, everybody is enjoying the new found status, everybody is proud to be referred as Sir by the working staff giving them an altogether differen identity, people are excited at the prospect of finally working, finally doing things, and most importantly GETTING SALARIES. It finally feels great to be earning, feels great to be independent, being able to stop taking help from parents, All these things delight people to no end AND Yet the transition though seamless it may seem is not simple. The title of somebody can be changed from a student to a Software Engineer in a matter of minutes but is it so easy to take the student out of them.
Still the student is lurking deep inside the Software Engineer, still the guy yearns for a session or two of BC. Still the heart beats for the place called college, people are still concerned about college and state of affairs, though they may have signed their no dues and left the college officialy YET college is still as much a part of lives as it was 2 months back. The people havent been able to disconnect themselves from the college, they still blurt out abuses at the people and the administration. They may wish everyday to be unsubscribed from the students list and migrated to the alumni list so that the inflow of mails to their account decreases BUT they open each and every mail with as much interest as they used to do earlier.

People still get senti on seeing the farewell pics, people still can’t stop themselves from opening the folder if its name says Yearbook ’09. People have started revising their testimonials and asking people which incident they were referring to in that particular paragraph of the testimonial they wrote. People can’t stop themselves from opening the folder which says Signature Day. Guys may have turned to Gentleman for the world but its so very difficult to replace the guy so easily from the hearts.

A difference between the feelings people had while leaving school and college is that people are more matured and have seen things. Thats why there were promises made to self of being in touch with the school friends forever and ever but now after being through such a transition, people know that these are the stuffs which dreams are made of and no matter how hard you try you wont be able to be in touch with all of them, so people are more ready to face these harsh facts of life. Transition is a little less bumpier than it was some 4-5 years back when people bid an adieu to the friends who were classmates. Classmates gave way to batchmates which have finally given way to Colleagues and all that people understand is, Change is the law of Nature and nobody is complaining now. 🙂

Just a few random thoughts, I am not sure if others from the batch also feel the same or people from other batches have ever felt the same but some of these incidents are taken from the lives of different people so everybody to an extent is suffering the identity crisis. The struggle between the professional and the student is still going on. I am sure that the student will be replaced by the professional soon enough and then the evening drives to the college will also be replaced with a relaxed evening at HOME, till then let the turbulence ensue, after all life has to take its own path as it always has through all these journeys.

Song of the Day:- Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (Wat a song 🙂 )


15 thoughts on “Corporate Life : The Beginning

  1. “they still yearn for the people who they have been calling friends for the last 4 years…”

    I yearn for nobody else. Neither will I do so in the near future. It takes a loooot more than a corporate job to kill the student within.

    Nice post 🙂

  2. very well written.. for us too, soon after joining jobs every weekend we would be found back at IIIT Canteen/Hostels/Lab. this need to go back to the college faded over the years, but even now – after 4 years – when I am back in college for some reason, it still feels good 🙂

  3. well I must say ….I can totally relate to what you wrote …in fact if I am correct that yearbook paragraph instance happened between us…
    I wish I could ride back to college…to meet the few left over there….to look at every spot in college and remember how much fun we had….
    …But life is too hectic to get time time to think about these things …And the maturity sucks….as it doesn’t let us dream about happy endings …

    1. @mythalez: If i am correct Piyush took it from ‘Jaane tu ya jaane na ‘ …and who listens to PJN’s speech anyway

  4. really a nice one! though I’m yet to join 😀 but still can try to feel what you’ve tried to explain out here… will write my own experiences once i join.. till then cheers !!

  5. nicely written and well composed himank.. 🙂
    i cud understand part of tht experience :P:P thnx to chennai 😛

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