An Indian complains

Warning :  Can seem pretty senseless!!

We the Indians have a habit of complaining, we can’t stop complaining whenever we get a chance to do so. Whether it be about a passerby on the road who doesnt follow the traffic rule and Meri gaadi ke samne marne ke liye aa gaya tha, it be the kaam wali who wouldnt stop bunking, it be the, it may be about the amount of money these cricketers are earning from various advertisements instead of playin well and being the World Beaters basically we just like to complain and I myself being an Indian, am here with a complain of my own. And this time the complain is against the rules of this nation.

I am basically disillusioned by the rulers of this country and my complaint is not about the poor state of development of India post independence, I am not complaining about the prevalent corruption in India, many a pages have been wasted on this same topic and anything I add to it would be nothing but waste. The issue troubling me and for quite some time now is, the sort of monopoly we live in. Not for one moment does this India look like it is ruled by the Govt of the people, by the people, for the people. The country that we have been living since independence seems to be still a aristocracy. We have been ruled by a single family as long as anybody can remember and even that is not that big a deal, after all its US(not the US of A but we) who have been choosing this family to rule us, so nobody can say anything about this, after all this is the choice of the masses.

Looking back at time, when you flip through the pages of history books. You will find a lot of leaders and influential men who have graced this soil who have given their blood and sweat for the country.

BUT if I look around at the India, I live in, it doesnt seem so.The India that we live in doesnt seem like it was graced by so many great people. Instead it just seems that there was just 1 leader who got India the independence (Gandhi) and after that just 1 family (Nehru – Gandhi family) who has been the whole and soul of this India and the rest of the people should just be confined to the pages of history and nothing should be done to reinstate their memories in the minds of the Indian public. Frankly speaking, this never seemed too important an issue to me and was generally quite happy to know that almost every city in India has a Indira Nagar. But slowly, slowly you tend to get irritated when every new airport, every new road, every new flyover or the Sea-Link is  named after Mr. Rajiv Gandhi! Could somebody please tell me what is the great thing he did for this country! Why should we keep on naming each and every fucking thing in this country after him except may be coming to power because his more capable, more charismatic brother died in an accident. I agree that I might not be truly aware of the great deeds performed by him, owing to the fact that I wasnt even born during his tenure as PM and it being too recent to acquire importance in chapters of history, but a cursory glance of wiki page of Rajiv Gandhi shows
a) Currency Crisis
b) Bofors Scandal
c) Shah Bano Case

I may even agree to the fact that Nehru-Gandhi family have been great rulers and have ruled us in the best possible but SERIOUSLY is there a need to forget rest of the leaders! I don’t have any problem with honoring these people, they must have been really able people to have ruled this unbelievably large country for so long but the only thing I am worried about is, we would be leaving a legacy which would just talk about these few people (with the addition of  names of Sonia – Rahul Gandhi to the list in some time). I am really worried that kids of next generations wouldnt have heard the names of other people, whose stories we have grown up hearing. They would connect just one single family with the past of India.

Just wishing this doesnt happen 😐

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11 thoughts on “An Indian complains

  1. I totally second you on the fact that the “Gandhi” and “Nehru”s are given too much importance… Gandhi truly is over-rated. Sardar Vallabh bhai patel is cool but hardly anybody remembers him. 😦
    A very important point you’ve highlighted here that only few names are heard as far as leaders of this country are concerned… basically more than being big mouth whiners, we seldom try to give new, especially young ones, a chance and hence neither the youth is much interested!!
    We simply don’t take risks, chances! but things are changing and within 5 years from now i think we’ll surely see the effect.

  2. @ vrikmace : Exactly my point waise you might call me pessimistic but I dont think things will change even in 5 years! Its basic Indian mindset and the main problem is, ppl like us, who have the capability to think and act in a suiting fashion are generally too lazy to act and if somebody tries to act, they dont have much opportunities!

    @ Maruti : Din bhara java hi padhunga kya?? Tu sale apna kaam kar!! 😐

    @ Clickingthoughts : Hmm.. wasnt exaclty going in that direction!! What I am concerned about is, ppl rmring only selected ppl from the history!!

  3. May be.. the mindset of people should change from Idol worship and leader worship to worship the work!

    People should feel a sense of responsibility for their country in what-so-ever thing they do.. rather than blame the leaders when things go wrong and praise then when things go right ! By doing so, we can produce natural leaders who shy away from publicity as they are just relishing their responsibility!

    Your post gave me some food-for-thought and I think I can blog on it 😛 🙂

    good post btw.. seems your life is too busy as the posts-frequency has declined a lot 🙂

  4. i would like to complain that you were using complain as a noun in the first paragraph instead of complaint 😛

    and yes, Idol worship and dynasty based system is what we seem to have in any sphere related with public opinion.

    why politics, even look at the movie industry, any idiot who has a father or family in the movie business, becomes an hero solely on that basis rather than any genuine capability.

  5. Nice and thought provoking post!!
    Your complaint is just but don’t you think that who ever becomes PM would try to get that crown passed only to his/her children.
    And I must say that Pundit Nehru was successful in his effort.

  6. Well mate, I think Ms. Mayawati also has the same complaint as you do, that’s why she is creating her own statues so that people of the future have some other polit to remember 😀

    On a serious note, it is quite a legit complaint. But this partisan behavior exists almost in every sphere of life in India. To give you an example, most Filmfare awards are generally won by SRK and his friends, while most IIFA awards are generally won by BIG-B and his friends….

  7. Yeah you can complain but don’t worry. This has happened and will happen.
    Just go back and look how Britisher’s got control over India. Some of the idiot kings of that time gave them control over their army so that those kings can sleep and Britishers will work for them. Basically we sons (I do not know about daughters mind set 🙂 ) of this soil are lazy. We choose a path which is known, simple, less risky etc and most importantly it should provide some extra time for sleeping. Those who fall in exception list please execuse me. We do not like to see the larger picture. No vision (There are exceptions like Gandhi, Nehru). And Britishers made sure that we never think.
    If you read history you will find that we had world class scientists like Aryabhatt, Bhāskara, C. V. Raman, Vikram Sarabhai, etc. But that’s history. Do you know anyone who is born post independence and has brain like them? Who can surprise the world by discovering something unknown or least can win a Nobel prize?

    We are(have become) users not developers/inventors.

    Ohh… I slightly moved from the topic, but this is the base for all this naming convention. Sonia Gandhi has vision, and she has made sure that whichever state government pleases her more, they will get more and more funds by central government. No need of hard work.

    In conclusion, you do your work and if you are really concerned on this make sure that you will not repeat this kind of favorism when you are in a position to do so.

  8. @ Rohit : Touche! But the problem is, we people just stop after whining! Nobody takes an action and thus leaving the control in the hands of such people who will keep on indulging in such idiosyncrasies 😐
    Btw am not busy… Just plain lazy! Start coming more regularly on twitter to know how vella I am 😛

    @ Mythalez : My bad! Earlier even the post title had the same mistake (btw too lazy to correct it in the first para) Yeah thats true this is one evil which we need to get rid off but seems quite hard to do so! 😐

    @ Manish :There is a diff between trying and actually making it happen and this is unfortunately happening in India 😦

    @ Divyendu : LOL!! Yeah Mayawati is doing her bit to be remembered 😉

    @ Raj : Well I have hope that I wont have such a mindset and hope that all can do and think the same, which would really be a great leap in that direction 🙂

    @ Sukesh : Ha ha wat a coincidence 🙂

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