Idiot to Obnoxious

PS : All the views are mine, so I am sorry if you dont agree with them

Commonly known as the TV or Idiot Box (a name by which people tend to refer to it when irritated with it), the invention by a certain Mr. John Logie Baird has been a boon to human race and could count as the most useful invention after the Computer. It serves a lot of purposes ranging from increasing your knowledge, getting a lot of entertainment and to recently getting Brain Fucked! I dont have much idea about the kind of television they have in other countries, though can certainly claim to have an idea about the television in India which certainly seems to be going the rut way. Each and every new show which is aired these days seems to set a new bar of stupidity, only to be surpassed by a new show aired some time later.

The seeds of this stupidity were sown way back in 2000, when the Legendary show Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was aired on Star TV. I dont recall seeing the show in the beginning so cant comment much but it must have been sensible back then until stupidity took over and we started seeing ladies laden with kilos of jewellery, evil scheming ladies, multiple plastic surgeries, ages increasing by about 20 years in a single episode, 150 yr old people living a healthy life (refer Baa of KSBKBT) and all this kind of stupidity which was the norm of all such soaps, who reigned supreme on TV for about 6-7 years.

As we all know change is the law of nature, so the popularity of these daily soaps was overshadowed by a new genre, Reality shows! It all started with the copy of enlish reality shows like Fear Factor which can be bearable to a certain extent. Things seemed to be ok until the Indian TV industry started raking its own brains and come up with different type of reality shows, which is when the real stupidity started and we saw shows like Roadies (a bunch of crap filmed on some dumbassses), Indian Idol (a music show whose USP was the constant clashes between its judges instead of the participants) and the most stupid of them Splitsvilla (a show which did its bit is degrading women to the lowest pedestal(talking about the first season) with some 10-20 girls vying for attraction of 2 guys :|) then ofcourse there was dadagiri which didnt gain much popularity but was again a stupid concept which catapulted to fame with its judge slapping a guy and the guy slapping her back.

All these shows were stupid, idiotic and downright degrading but the line from Stupid to OBNOXIOUS has been crossed with the latest show on TV Sach Ka Saamna. I dont think there ever was a TV show as obnoxious as this one. Any adjective I could use would be insufficient to describe my mental state after watching this show, I had just heard something about Kambli saying sumthing about Sachin on this show so was a bit curious when my friends started streaming it on their system and saw the first episode. The only reaction I could garner after watching the episode was WHAT THE FUCK, what the bloody fuck! This is one of the most obnoxious thing I have ever seen on tv. (And I hope nothing comes to beat it)

Few of the questions asked in the show were
a) Did you ever want to kill your husband?
b) Did you ever wish to cheat your husband?
c) Are you in your marriage just because of your kids?
d) Would you have sex with some other person if your husband doesnt come to know about it?

There is no doubt that this show is gonna break many a families in India. All humans relationships survive because of a facade everybody wears and if you start removing this facade in front of national television then it surely is gonna ring a death knell for many happy lives. People can always argue that if you are so concerned about such things then you shouldnt come on the show. I agree and would definitely say that the participants who come to such shows are humans of lowest values, exposing their personal life for some cash is as low as anybody can get. But arent the director, producer and anchor of the show humans? Havent they got heart? Will they do anything for money? Would they remain happy and would they be able to sleep peaceful nights after hearing about some marriage which broke just because of their show!

But the biggest issue I have is with the moral police, Where the fuck are these guys when they should be active! They were all eager to curb a cartoon strip which wasnt doing any harm to the society, they had all drawn daggers when the issue was about gay affairs which again is an issue which just concerns two people! May be I am too early in raising my apprehensions, may be the self proclaimed Moral Police will step ahead and if this happens then for the first time, I would be happy 🙂 I dunno if there is any censorship in Indian television but if they can block shows on AXN which showed babes in bikinis and banned channels like FTV, then I would sincerely request them to ban this show before this stupidity starts getting out of hand!

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13 thoughts on “Idiot to Obnoxious

  1. i dont think any of these shows are original ideas of the indian TV ppl. am not sure abt roadies, but the rest of them are just remakes of existing shows in western telivision…

    and reality tv has indeed touch the greatest depths of absurdity 😛

  2. Kyunki… was awesome, atleast first year, then quality degraded, then got better somewhere in the middle then degraded again!
    I like Roadies auditions… but yeah, most of it is crap!
    Honestly, Indian TV shows are getting worse as time passes, as I type these words… 😀
    American TV shows are so awesome !!!
    FRIENDS, Boston Legal, House, TBBT, 2 and a half men, Heroes… no wonder current youth never watch Indian shows…

    1. About your current youth never watch Indian shows >>

      From wer u thnk the TRP of such stupid shows pours in ?

      From wer u think silly movies like KI becomes a hit ?

      Thanks to the Youth power of 1 billion nation ! and the predominantly youth society :p

  3. Do your work man. Why are you so worried?

    Don’t you think you are giving too much importance to such things?

    Do you also think that the kind of audience you have they need this kind of wake up blogs?

    We all watch these daily soaps, reality shows etc, increase their TRP and make them believe that they are doing good. All the ‘creative teams’ behind the scenes are also humans. They want to achieve more and more.

    BTW, marriage is all about trust. If someone hesitate to answer those kind of questions, if asked, then better that relation should not continue. But I agree that one should not take it in public and more over for money.

  4. Nice post once again!!
    You can’t blame only TV guys, we should also be blamed since we are the ones who participate in “Roadies” and help it in getting such a huge popularity. There are most of us who wants to be the part of that fukcing TV series. I must say that for putting a ban on such TV series we should not wait for any government or NGO or MORAL POLICE to come forward.
    We as IT people should do something to get it banned and the other series which are the die-hard enemies of Indian Culture. We should at least try to save our Indian Culture.

  5. well … i watch rodies … because its stupid … and we enjoy stupidity … and that’s entertainment …

    That’s what whole Industry is about. “Rakhi ka swayamvar” is hit, because ppl watch not to find out who’s gonna be Mr. rakhi savant … but to laugh at their stupidity again…

    And channels get their TRP so they are happy, participant get the popularity so they are happy and the janta gets its entertainment so they are happy too …

    about sach ka saamna … well its based on the english series “The moment of truth”

    Since its a success there… they are trying it here … that’s all…

    but yeh I do agree on the hypocritical behavior of moral police …

  6. very well written… I think far worse would be coming up in the further episodes of Sach…

    the reality shows that have cropped up everywhere seem to have killed some good comedy shows that used to air – Sarabhai, Yes Boss etc and the best of all (although very old) Dekh Bhai Dekh 🙂

  7. You are right buddy these stupid TV shows like Rodies nd Spitsvilla etc….., are encouraging the younger generation to use abusive language more nd more.
    Channels like Discovery channel should be encouraged more rather than “swayamvar” of some stupid nd shameless woman who doesn’t even know that how badly her end would be after 10 years from now.

    Lawyers Psychologist should cheer up now since shows like “The Moment Of Truth” (indian version) have started now, as there will be more Divorces along with mental problems than earlier ……….

  8. i don’t agree completely with ur views on SKS, see its true that questions asked are obnoxious….but i really don’t think that its going to break any families…come to think of it, the participants coming on the show very well know they are going to be raped in public, still they come for money into shows…yes its a bif offensive to Indian sensibilties, but who are we to act as a moral police…channel is showing it..if u want to watch it it..o.w dnt …channel is making money, participant n the host is making money….why we crib….

    confessions, i myself was hooked to kyunki…for the first one year specially when mihir dies (Amar upadhay) till after that i lost the num of characters and the interest just fizzled out..

    nice post…keep in touch….see u again!


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