The One where it all begun

People say trying to describe life is one of the most arduous task you can try and undertake. Thats why I thought of describing life, the journey that we undertake. Trying to cut a snippet of 4 years from the movie called life and try to post in my own words on this blog of mine. And infact I am not gonna describe my life, its gonna be the life of this bigger unit of which I am a proud part. Its gonna be a honest try to tell the story of our batch, UG2K5 of IIIT, bas meri zubani. Its been one thing I have wanted to do since we had our farewell, finally got time and dedication to do this, just wishing I can do justice to these task I have undertook!

Starting from where it all began, the time when we entered this institution, for many of us, the city of hyderabad was a completely different experience. Living all their lives in small places, hyd seem huge to them and in this city came 170 odd youngsters. All eager and excited to start a new phase of their lives and yet a bit scared, a bit anxious at taking their first steps in this unknown world, away from the shelter of the ones who loved them . Into the company of rank strangers 😐 who would be their only partners for next 4 fucking years. Knowing not whom to trust, whom to befriend and who to treat with care, these people started their journey into; light or darkness only God knows 🙂 !

The 2 semesters of the first year are 2 quite different experiences. While the first sem is all about knowing the people, the places, the system, the things. 2nd sem is all about enjoying, finally you are comfortable in the place and the city and can let your hair down and enjoy in such a child like spirit as is left in you from school time.

First sem of our batch was dominated by just one guy, Prof. C.V.Jawahar 🙂 he was the man responsible for all the anxiety, all the hurry, all the work in our batch. His C Programing assignments were the only talk of the city. Every Sunday night you will see that the work space and even the labs 204 & 210 are filled with anxious people, biting their fingernails in anticipation that the code they have working on for the last 3 days finally doesnt show a bloody seg fault this time and they could be free and finally have their dinner (skipped doing this assignment) before the canteen closes at 12 am :|The first sem was Hectic, people were busy almost all the time doing assignments. Also with the new new PT jane ka josh, people tried to sleep early those days. 😛

And ofcourse these plans of sleeping early were generally laid to rest by the usual evening sessions of healthy interaction with the ever so friendly seniors 🙂 Some of us learned the pleasure of abusing after doing this in OBH. Wont talk much about this part before things start getting a bit unruly 😛 As said earlier, this was the sem of knowing people, people came to know about their batchmates, the people who they would be living with, for the next 4 years 🙂 the seniors who would be their guides and mentors for their stay in IIIT 🙂

2nd sem was the time of fostering friendships which would last for their remaining life in IIIT. It was a time when grouping in the batch started, when ppl started finding out the right type of people. people who they would be comfortable with, the people who would be their family now on. This was the sem of fun & frolic, every weekend we used to go to see any damn bollywood movie which released that week. People have seen movies from the 10rs wala stand and even those tickets were bought in black for 40 bucks.

First year basically was a time of having fun, enjoying and doing all that which we had been restrained from doing for last few years when most of us were busy preparing for competitive exams and didnt have much time for the type of BC which can eb expected from the vellah people in college! This is the timwe when most people get their first introduction to stuff like smoking, drinking and others 😛 ;). The high point of first year is getting to know the people and places and getting the hang of the place and the best part of your zindagi called College Life!!


3 thoughts on “The One where it all begun

  1. lol … didn’t know that C programming course was the main highlight of ur first sem 😛 ..

    atleast u never came up to me complaining against the evaluator 😛

  2. lols @ mythalez: I remember Somani telling people to talk to Rama sir if their code is not getting uploaded…
    @bhalu: Abe I thought you would write atleast one post on one sem…but u r combining two sems in one ….alsi…acche se likh

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