The one with The Contrasting Sems

Each year has its own significance in IIIT! Each year brings with it a different kind of flavour, it teaches different things and gives you different roles. In this respect I would consider 2nd year of B.Tech as the most important. This is the time when its decided who would you be for the remaining years, it defines your interests, your place in the college. After the gay abandon of first year, this is the time when you seriously come into the college, start knowing things, become seniors and basically be somebody in the college.

Second year for our batch started with a bang! The whole ragging fiasco was too much for people to digest, there were a few suspensions. Few ppl of our batch getting letters forbidding them to sit for placements, huge drama unfolded, emotions ran high, people cried, people shouted and in the end, for the first time, the batch stood up as a unit. Since coming to the college about 1 year ago as complete strangers, this was the first time when people stood up for each other. This was the time when the community <strong>UG2K5 stands united</strong> was made. This was the first time when this batch gave a peek at what it will grow put to be, A bunch of close friends 🙂

2nd year is the time when people decide the course of their life in remaining days in IIIT. A whole lot of free time in 3rd sem coz of wonderfully low number of classes helps people a lot in this deciding this. By the end of 3rd sem, the geeks of college have turned into one, the bande who are gonna be working for cult and all stuff are already into the mould, and the people who are gonna do nothing but wasting time are already nowhere to be seen. Its basically decided by what you do in your whole lotta free time.

Geek or not, studios or not, 4th sem is all about studies, you study, go to classes, listen to profs and basically work your ass off, even people like me were listening to classes. The reasons were quite obvious, the subjects taught in this sem are easily the most interesting and important subjects of your B.Tech and even the professors you get in this sem are the best ones. So for once, if you are fine with studies then dont freak out, this is not some disease just the 4th sem fever :). This was the sem when CGs of many people inflated coz of their wonderful showing in this sem. There were 7 or 8 ten-pointers in this sem in our batch 🙂 (PS: Even I became a 9.something for the first and only time 🙂 )

After toiling for about 4-5 months in 4th sem, you get the much needed summer breaks, which for most people is the first time when they wouldnt be going home in a 3 month vacation period and instead going to stay in college and do limitless vellapanti under the name of doing a project under some lab or the other. Some lucky asses even manage to get internships and start earning. (And ofcourse get completely sloshed in company parties 😉 )

Ofcourse no mention of the 2nd year of our batch would be complete without a mention of the infamous scuffle 😛 Starting from the whole ragging issue, the relation between our and the junior(i.e 2k6) bacth were quite strained. These issues again heightened up during the inter batch and inter house events, leading to a  rivalry of sorts between people from these two batches. All this culminated in the Inter Batch cricket final match, this was a day which few people will never foget, the day when there was actual fighting between people, must be the only instance of IIIT history when there was a sort of gand war, around 50 people on each side! 😛 Punches were hurled, people kicked and even stitches recieved, all this on the ground floor of NBH 😛 . Surely a memorable if not a glorious moment in our lives.


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