The one with Felicity

In 2nd year although you have become a senior but in the broad sense you are still in the lower half of the batch so  basically not a senior :P. 3rd year is when you get into the world of men,when you are supposed to have grown up, able to take responsiblites. A time when you get an idea of outer world.

3rd year in IIIT is a time of working, being busy, being active and that too for everything but studies. This is the year of Felicity, when Felicity of the college becomes Apni Felicity. You will see people running all over the city and country under aharsh sun, People would be seen scurrying to shelter away from rain, trying to get a shelter under the nearest roof while they are gone out for Sponsorship or Campaigning. This year is all about working, screwing your ass, organizing things from small college events to coordinating Felicity.

Its generally the 3rd year batch in IIIT, who is the most proactive, the most visible. It is these people who are responsible for managing the whole college in that year. They are the ones whose vision drives the college for that particular academic session. They are the Felicity Coordinators, they are house captains, they are the campus life coords, almost all spheres of a student’s life are taken care of guys from this batch.

After the rigour of 4th semester with professors baying for your blood with assignments every week, your world transforms as soon as you step foot into the confines of 3rd year. This is a year of being lax about things related to studies. Even the most sincere people of the batch are seen giving their studies a toss.

After the grouping and all which generally happens in the 2nd and the 3rd sem, this is a period when people from different groups come together, work with each other and support. A chance for people to interact, to know people, go beyond the boundaries of their own groups and explore the entity called Batch, to come under a common umbrella. A time for elimination of boundaries and fostering of new relations.

For every IIITian, their Felicity is one the best thing that would have happened to them in these 4 years but you take Felicity out of 3rd year, its got nothing left in it!It would be nothing but a blur, a memory of doing nothing. Felicity, the annual cultural and technical fest is, for which people devote all that time, in return although getting nothing but gaining a lot. This is the only reason why some 50 people were sitting there with arms on other person’s shoulder, all singing the song Yaaron like a chant. It is the reason why people get sloshed, cry for each other, to say in other terms being friends for life. 🙂 A time of awesomeness.

Though there is nothing much in this year beside Felicity but towards the end of the year, friends become foes, there are hours long discussions, much mud slinging (of the most joyful form). All this because year end is the time of decision of Inter House Trophies. This is may be the time when the strength of 5th house is the minimum, for the only time people are interested in their house participation, worrying about points. All this so that you can laugh at your friend’s face coz u are the best house. 3rd years being the captain and all are the ones who are most excited coz after all it was their year and they all wanna be their house to be the star performer.

Which brings an end to the penultimate year of college life and results in people becoming the senior most guys in the college!! Becoming the big bosses of college 😛 😉


4 thoughts on “The one with Felicity

  1. can totally relate …. screwed up my grades in 5th sem… worked really hard for Vayu, taship,honors…. and in 6th sem obv for felicity… I can say it was my year … my year of extra-curriculars ….
    Well keep writing … its a good remembrance of all we did… 🙂
    And the last one hour of felicity night is one of the most memorable moment of my college life… 🙂

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