Cricinfo Rocks

For all the cricket loving net savvy junta, cricinfo is like the God!! The wikipedia of cricket; first thing you would turn to if you are talking about cricket . Along with their scores and the Awesome commentary. The thing which makes me the fan of cricinfo is the quality of Articles published on the site. Some of the articles published on the site could be rated as classics in the true sense for the beautiful description, the elan, the charm which is present in the writing only of the greatest of the writers. There are many articles which were worth saving, used to saving them as Firefox bookmarks and losing them during Windows installation.

A case in example are the following lines from an article, the way the artist describes such a simple thing is just… what to say Just Beautiful 🙂

The region was already severely divided by this shift in the captaincy; it could get very hot if mismanaged. Walsh rose magnificently to the occasion. Literally and figuratively towering above Lara, he strode out onto the field, arm almost protectively curled around the captain’s shoulder. It evoked the sense of a mother gently leading her son toward the watering hole with predators watching hungrily. Walsh had taken guard.

Who could not have felt the bigness of this gesture? As a Jamaican hero, Walsh knew what he could telegraph in that moment, and he chose to endorse the new captain and to soothe chafing egos. It was true generosity of spirit, and it reinforced the link that has too often casually been made between cricket and gentlemen.


7 thoughts on “Cricinfo Rocks

  1. Nothing can come even close to cricinfo in terms of Cricket articles.. I remember this article very well…

    these days the series I most look forward to are the articles by Akash Chopra, and 50 Magic Moments.

  2. You can use Xmarks – firefox extension.. this way you won’t be losing your bookmarks everytime you’d reinstall your windows..
    and yeah cricinfo… exhilarates a cricket lover to the core..!!

  3. @ Shubham : 🙂
    @ Kunal : 50 magic moments is one of the best series 🙂 and the articles which are published when somebody reaches a milestone or retire!!
    @ Abheet : Never used xmarks 😐
    @ Gaurav garg : Sure man 🙂
    @ Ajay,Karan : I always do this but the thing is when you have a system as unreliable as mine which can crash anytime it wants, then you cant rely on such things 😦

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