Have a Crush on!!

She is charming, she is different, she has an aura, she is talented,
the only voice inside my head these days is hers,

She is Grace Slick,

The eyes!
The eyes!

A look at the eyes and she transports you into an entirely different world! and yeah you can also count as being the vocalist of Jefferson Airplane and the writer of White Rabbit, along with Janis Joplin, the pioneer of women in rock 🙂
First person to say Motherfucker on national TV!!!


She may seem just another chick but you have to see the video of White Rabbit performed live by Jefferson Airplane to know what I am talking about, the enery, the aura, the expressions… Just too Good!!

The link is

(The Video is being processed God Knows when they will be done with it 😐 )


6 thoughts on “Have a Crush on!!

  1. I like this post.

    I think the message she was trying to deliver through this song is great works like “Alice in Wonderland” were written when great writers like “Lewis Caroll” were high on hallucinogens. Rational people like us can also see: it’s not necessary to be high to create ground-breaking works. But I really love the fact that she can relate to the surreal imagery which you see, when you get high.

    To experience “The Real Psychedelia”, find a piece of land like your backyard and grow Psychedelic Mushrooms. I think legal.

    “Follow the White Rabbit” – Lewis Caroll


  2. actually by ‘white rabbit’, grace is making a satirical remark on the parents of 70’s who told their children to not have drugs at all and still told them the story of alice in wonderland which is clearly about the hallucinogenic effects of drugs..

    i think she said so in an interview.. check on wiki 🙂

  3. @ Neuronspike : Actually this song is a slap in the face of parents,who are against all such stuff and yet recommend Alice in Wonderland for their children 😛 😉
    What say??

    @ Archit : Exactly my point 😛

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