…And then begins the biggest, the grandest, the best part of the 4 years of college life, that is the mahantan BC, mahantam vella panti most of us ever did in their life. With placements over, people were relieved, relaxed and just always cheerful. People were ready for BC anytime, anywhere, any topic. The legendariness of BC started with the BC on bakar forum, kudos to Kulbir for bringing that for us (Wonders aloud, if he still has the backup of that BC), which just kept increasing then onwards on orkut photo albums, on blogs! You just start BC and people would come there looking for BC and dera jama lenge, making themselves comfortable sitting on roads, sleeping on dividers, going to roof tops, trekking to Mushroom rock just about every area around IIIT is occupied by these BC baajs. It was BC, BC & BC everywhere, it was floating in the air of IIIT! People started frequenting pubs more often, spending more and more and feeling ashamed in asking their parents! The levels of BC reached its highest limit, unheard things were seen and done. Guys kissing guys, girls getting committed; all this drama was seen then. People were in general happy coinciding with the sunny weather in hyd. Seems like everyone was ready to be more open, free to lose their shackles. Btw any mention of these BC sessions would be incomplete without taking the name of our dear Chhaddu Bhaia who was the source of non stop entertainment 🙂

The came the ending which people realised with every new deadline of the ever flexible yearbook 🙂 (thanks to Mux for porting it for us and extending all those deadlines). Yearbook writing was one time when people cried as well as felt elated on reading their testimonials as well as trying to recollect the 4 years that these were, when they were returning the favor. People did unthinkable amount of BC and got unimaginably senti on Cultural Night, which signified the beginning of end of their lives in IIIT. Then came the bloody farewell and hostels were buzzing with the songs like Yaaron, Pal, Purani Jeans and ofcourse Bitter Sweet Symphony (which ofcourse is a song I associate with only this farewell; never listened during my previous farewell in class XII).

Once the yearbook seasons ended started the session of exams, the last semester exams for all in IIIT, so as expected, people instead of studying started getting more senti, and the best part senti about exams( strictly against the priciples if being student, you are supposed to hate exams). Status like “last exam in IIIT”, “free from exams for life”, “it all begin where it started – in CR1” abuonded the gtalk list. Exams over, was the time of Batch Trip.

The most fitting Grand Finale, these 4 years could have got, thanks to Daddu, Charan & Harsha for organizing this for us 🙂 Cheers guys! It was the best organization there could have been done. A lot of hard work of these guys ensured a looottt of fun for us guys. There are quite a few incidents from those 6-7 days but I think Batch Trip deserves a separate post (which I dont think will be coming soon) , so will control the urge of speaking more about it. 🙂

Coming back to hostel from the batch trip was again, as expected an emotional moment, this was the time when you would be seeing all these faces who have been your world for the past 4 years. They might have been the people you hate most or the people you love most, the people who you would trust with your life to the people who you would never like to see again, but these are the people who mattered the most in you life. The time when you bid goodbye is not a time of being sane and aloof, this is a time when people lost themseleves in the ocean of friendship and just enjoyed the moment forgetting all the barriers. And then people started leaving, leaving forever never to come back to Hyderabad, to go new places, to reach new heights, to achieve, to be lauded, to be looked up to! Each and everybody took their own path to start the new life. We all left and yet left a part of ourselves in that God forsaken place called IIIT, although there are the dulles my friends, who I know will take good care and preserve a part my essence in that place until they are there, this is the least I wish, wish to call that place as mine….

… and that was where the pages turned!

PS: I wish I could have described even a thousandth of what this part of life means to me.. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, I say a thought is worth a million and try as much as I can but I wont be able to describe the hows and whats :).
PS : This is the final part of the series, IF interested you can find the previous ones here

The One where it all begun
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The One with the Placements 🙂


8 thoughts on “The FINAL One

  1. first of all very well written 🙂
    secondly though i am a dual degree 😐 i was always a part of all the bc sessions and can easily relate with the post 🙂 Undoubtedly the last semester was the best period of my life so far 🙂

  2. well i cannot agree more with u… it was a sem of fun…endless bc….and what not … people came out of their shells …and in way the best way college life could come to an end….

    abt post : the best of the series 🙂

  3. Awesome series dude. I have bookmarked this series, they’ve all captured our journey so beautifully. Two months down the line, when I miss things, I know where to turn to 🙂

    Cheers for the work mate!

  4. amazing documentation of an amazing period of our life… you’re in your own way the best blogger I’ve ever seen. Whenever in my life I miss college life, I know where to turn to. Cheers to you and to the times we had! 🙂

  5. Nice post…the final one and the best one ..I started reading ur blogs…recently after i came to US and I must tell…ur blogs are simply awesome 🙂

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