My Fav Songs

Recently saw a blog post by Abhishek listing his favourite songs, which made me think of publishing a similar list of my favourite songs, proved to be an interesting exercise although I am sure I would have missed out on a few of my favourite songs. Still, I guess this list might include my favourite (in real sense) since the days of my 12th class or so, basically the time from which I started listening to music properly. Never liked music until my 11th class, until the music of the movie Sur was released and I became a fan of its music.

American pie – Don McLean
I wanna hold your hand – The Beatles
Ajeeb Dastaan – Lata Mangeshkar (Dil Apna Aur Preet Parayi)
Mera kuch Samaan – Asha bhosle (Ijaazat)
My Heart Will Go on – Celine Dion
Mehboob – Lucky Ali
Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Something – The Beatles
Words – BoyZone
Yaaron – K.K.

PS1 : As expected no Comtemporary Hindi music, hindi music nowadays has no shelf life 😦
PS2 : The list of songs I love could go on n on, but these would be the songs if I were made to chose some.

I tag Karan, Maruti, Namrata, Aniket, Kulbir, Ankit , Shrikant (come alive),Sultan to come up with their own lists 🙂


17 thoughts on “My Fav Songs

        1. Dude I am pretty sure I have listened to Led Zepp more than you, listened to them quite a lot. I like Kashmir more than the much hyped Stairway to Heaven
          Btw which songs do u have in mind???

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my all time favs as well. Not really sure about the other songs on that list :P. As for Hindi contemporary music, AR Rahman has some gems which do have shelf life :). Keep blogging!!

  2. @ Namrata : I know A.R.Rehman is good and the only recent hindi music which I hear repeatedly would be him 🙂
    @ Manish : Thats Beatles dumbass 😐 and wanted to cover the music from all the ages (of my life) thats why just 2 Beatles song

  3. Ah well.. matches my list, almost, since I *do not* like My Heart Will Go On.

    This was one shamelessly advertised blog post that I didn’t mind reading!

    And no, I will not oblige you with my list, because there are way too many songs there.

    Agree with Namrata, though. Rahman has some timeless music to his credit.

    1. @ Estella : Hmm to each his/her own, was in love with the song in m 12th or so….
      Hmm yeah Rahman has some great music but nothing by him came to my mind 😐
      @ Karan : dont like that one much

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