My Crush

I can still vividly remember the day when I first saw her, in our college campus. Our college is generally not known for its beauties, so if one happens to come by, it instigates an air of  excitement among the guys in campus . This time too was no aberration with people coming from every nook and corner to have a glance. She came and went and yet her image remained etched so sharp in my mind, that at times she would over shadow even the real beauties.

Months went by and i slowly forgot about her, i started getting content with what I had in life. After all college life is always fun and it makes you forget every thing else except fun (specially in last year). I too forgot about her and started to live life as always. After all she was the queen bee, the one all men long for and I was nothing but a pauper, he couldnt even dream of the union.

Months passed by and I again got a sight of her, my feelings again ignited, heart again yearned, yearned for her…

but this time i was more prepared, I had grown, i had started earning, things had changed in my life.Also, my confidence got a huge boost from my parents’ willingness to help and finally, after a lot of wooing, she was mine a few days back..

And now that she is mine, I can spend all my time looking at her while my R15 looks back at me with her unbridled love and affection 🙂


33 thoughts on “My Crush

  1. @ Namrata : Thanks 🙂
    @ Himangshu : Hao re chinki sale.. tu gender ki baat karega ab??? Jiske liye bandi jata hai..
    and yeah you can classify bike as “female” unless its “Definitely Male” pulsar 😛
    @ Shubham : he he 😛 well thats what I intended to do 🙂

  2. in case u have forgotten there are more mongoloids then caucasians. So if u can take the liberty of branding anything as male/female. We too can do as we wish

  3. @ Himangshu : Dude I am not an angrez, i comment upon your hindi not english so please spare me the eng 😛 Tooo heavy words. Waise i am not taking the liberty of branding anything, bike is generally referred to as female by normal Hindi speaking folks 🙂 while a girl is never branded as a guy by anybody save you 😛

    @ Manish : Thanks bhai 🙂

  4. Well it was easy guess for me after that bidar gadar trip last weekend.

    But yaar king of male bikes, Royal Enfield Thunderbird ki baat kuch aur hi hai.

    Ab tum itni publicity kar rahe ho, to thodi hum bhi karde. 😛

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