Got soaked in the rain 4 times, got all of my footwear wet, all jeans wet (nothing to wear), Shelved a few grands, took loans from a dulla, Got caught by traffic police, lost the way, Bike broke, went to DLF 3 times only to find it closed, used gas stove to light smokes for 2 days in a flat with 2 smokers….

It all started with HRC

Himank's cell1533
HRC - Hyderabad

Which was followed by a night of 269.6 n 13.88 secs 😀

And then Maruti came and burping  smoke 😀


Himank's cell1538

B’day 😀

Himank's cell1541

Hookah no 2 (out of 4 for the weekend )

Cafe Mocha



My fav pic over the weekend

Cute Pic
Cute Pic

Clocked ~250 kms over the weekend, covered 1000 kms on my bike  🙂

1000 Kms 🙂

Jaat  came to Hyd 🙂 had a great eve reuniting 😀 and MS ka TV

Had one of my best Trip ever 😀

Events were many, urge to click less (Am no Shrikant you know). and the loss of my memory card in the late hours of day proved detrimental to the health of the pictorial 😛

And yet it was all worth it! N coz of extended weekends like past few am living life from one weekend to other 🙂

Waiting for another one 🙂


15 thoughts on “Weak-end

  1. @ Shubham : LOL man but collg life is any day better man 🙂
    @ Pagare : which sister?? whose sister?? 😛 Btw sry if u r thinking of hitting on her, she is already committed 😛
    @ Maruti : LOL!! 😛 WaiseTujhe ye jaan ke kya karna hai
    @ Hellboy : LOL man 😀 Waise not for blogs but yeah i feel the need of “Like” on twitter 😦

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