THE Indian?

“Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this walked the earth in flesh and blood.”
Indian history has had lot of prominent and influential men who have had influence even spanning continents not only the country; ranging from Aryabhatta, Ashoka, Mahavir, Gautam Buddha, Akbar right to Gandhi, and yet when  you look back at all these figures, none of them inspire as much awe, mystery, confusion, inspiration as Gandhi does.

He must definitely be the most talked about, most remembered and most famous name in Indian history and yet the irony is, he definitely isn’t the most loved person. Almost everyone you see or meet would have something or the other to say about the man and more than often it could be something against the man. He might be the most famous person but if you think of the most loved person of the nation, then I am not sure if Gandhi will win hands down provided he does so (even which might be doubtful).

Most people (specially the youth) might never agree with using Non-violence and Satyagraha as the means to drive out the English people and yet no one would ever say anything against the principles of the man. Non-violence is one policy which can rarely find a vocal opposer except for may be result oriented stuff (which again Gandhi along with fire brand leaders provided to India). Each and every human being out there would agree that there is nothing better than non-violence and nobody stands to gain anything from violence.

All my life even I have always been anti-Gandhi, always been in favour of Subhas (arguably the second biggest Indian in the Independence movement) – Bhagat Singh fire brand politics. But, the more I read and think about Gandhi, the more I have started respecting the man. True the man had his faults, had his weaknesses but after all he was also a human, he could be pardoned for them.

If there is one topic which never dies, that is Gandhi (although the Govt machinery gets a lot of credit for that), but he is the only person from India in recent past who has had some influence over people around the world, he is definitely the most famous Indian face which brings me to the main question, Can Gandhi be termed the Greatest Indian to have ever lived. Regarding his follies, even the Great Ashoka was a killer machine once. Regarding making Nehru the P.M. of India, one of the things he is criticized for most, I guess even that must not have been a decision made by just the love for Nehru. Gandhi was not some dumb fool, a person who galvanized the whole nation would even have the brains to match, and as far as my logic goes. The country of India and its goodwill was one thing which mattered to him the most, which mean had he found Patel as the more able of two to guide the nation, then one more relation could easily have been given the twist for the sake of nation, after all he threw away a lot of things for the purpose.

There would always be a lot of ifs and buts about Nehru & Patel, but I guess if we chose to go with the wisom of a person in the fight for independence, then I guess that guy might be a but more qualified to have more say in the future of the nation.  2 years younger would cringe on reading this post, praising the man and considering him the Greatest Indian ever… but I guess somethings do change with time.

Interesting Read Even George Harrison Quotes Gandhi 😛


9 thoughts on “THE Indian?

  1. Whatever people say about Gandhi, the fact remains that he was the person who took ahead the freedom struggle to the masses. Before Gandhi, the struggle was just limited to the educated elite and business people.
    Come Gandhi, and people realize that the can also take part in the struggle by just making salt or spinning khaki on charkha. Gandhi’s contribution in uniting Indians for the first time in history of this nation can’t be undermined.

    True he had some flaws, but who doesn’t? People who talk ill about about him have either haven’t read about him or read about him from the politically motivated texts. They should try reading “My Experiments with Truth” before forming any opinion about this man.

  2. hey!
    you seem have to done a lot of thinking.
    Violence or non violence..depends on everyone’s perspective, each man has different ways to handle things, so I guess that’s where Gandhi and Bose/Bhagat Singh differed; but all had the same objective.
    Gandhi can easily be voted as the greatest Indian who ever lived for all the sacrifices he made and the way he led our freedom struggle.

  3. @ Asif : You seriously need to have some base to start understanding the man and his thoughts 🙂

    @ TotallyHypnoticGaze : Nice name.. Welcome to the blog 😀
    …. and things which are not awesome are most of the times wise 🙂

    @ Mansi : Glad you think so 🙂 I dunno cant decide between Gautam Buddha n Gandhi (am basically comparing Gandhi to a God :O )

    @ Maruti : A short post on ur request tom 😀

  4. Well, I think you cannot have Buddha and Gandhi in the same list. The concept of India dint exist when Buddha was there, I m guessing :). Gandhi’s struggles and fight for freedom were astonishing efforts – no doubt, but I have personally never understood some of his choices and decisions.

  5. For me , Buddha is the greatest Indian. Gandhi, unfortunately is not able to inspire the average Indian due to the memories of our painful freedom and partition. If the British hadn’t been weakened by the wars, they would never have left India at that time. Sad to see that when Gandhi is talked about by the west, we start focusing on him again.

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