PS: With all regards to my dear Frustoo friends and those who consider me frustoo, pls look at it from another angle 🙂

“Naked” a word which implies lust,desire, beauty as well as Disgust, Shame, violation. At the same time you associate nakedness with the poor and the down trodden while even the richest of people, the models and the actors would be the first to come in your mind when you hear the word. That is why I havent ever been able to classify the word “Naked”, this is not a taboo word, and yet somehow you are not expected to talk about incidents which involve The Word in front of elders.

Humans are the only living thing, which require the use of clothing. All animals are Naked and yet even they are surviving quite well and even we the humans changed to these cloth cladding animals from a state of being perpetually naked. I am in awe of the incidents which might have brought about this radical change in the lifestyle of humans, that now being naked is the state in which I feel uncomfortable while if my body is covered upto a certain extend, then I feel more comfortable.

Although seeing a person Naked could be gross or sexy (depending on the gender of the parties involved)  but still I personally would feel very uncomfortable in a naked world either its about me being naked or seeing other people naked. Even now most of the people around complain about being made to see the butt crack of someone else.

But my question is why and how did this world become clothed. And which one is our natural habitat now. The one which was actually natural or the one which we have made natural using our own efforts.

Any thoughts?


7 thoughts on “NAKED

  1. oww come on haven’t you heard the story of adam, eve and the apple ….

    its all because of that …. Although i’ve another theory … but its too long and boring … i will probably take up more space than the post itself .. 🙂

  2. People use clothes to prevent direct contact with your filthy and lecherous thoughts 😛
    Probably you should go and ask those living in remote tribes why they don’t use clothes yet! Let us know what they tell you 🙂

  3. we all kno u are n engineer . no amt of pretending and lies will take away the years spent within the confines of engineering world and the years spent trying to get yourself imprisoned

  4. Amazing thought process 😀

    But a human becasue of his superiror brain, creates demand at every stage. Not necessarily necessity but projected perception of necessity.

    Why is clothes there ?
    Guess some smart cave man in the days of human nudity, came up with the concept of clothes to do business. He decided various ways to promote and so all the reasons came up. [like weaker human skin, protection against harsh weather, protection agaisnt dust, experimenting with diff looks, adam n even fundae, and related blah .. 😉 ]

    Why should they be there ?
    Just imagine, without clothes, there wouldn’t be the fashion industry, without fashion industry …no models 😦 …. and no one would care to looks good. We would all be fat lazy bastards …the whole game of courting gets cut down to size 😦 ! The side effects and chain contingencies are apcalytptic


    Light heartedly my two cents worth. 🙂

  5. @ Maruti : 😛
    @ Anks : Man.. Adam & Eve seem so phony to me 😀
    @ Vivek : LOL!! 😛 Nice suggestion lets see if I can do it sometime
    @ Himangshu : Ha ha ha ha 😀
    @ Ghost Runner : Thanks & LoL comment bilkul MBA style…after reading this comment anyone can say that here speaketh a MANAGER 😀

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