PS : Politically incorrect and possibly offensive post.

Perhaps the only word which can garner more eyeballs and ear drums than sex is religion. Religion and Sex, if you ask me to come up with the most famous things in the world then it would be these two, and yet these two words are at different ends of the horizon . The perception of these two is completely different. One is a taboo, other is one who hear about all your life.

Coming to the main topic behind this post, what is religion??

Almost all of us believe religion to be a truth about which you generally dont argue much. Its there to be taken and you are not supposed to be questioning the things, you can question things about religion but you cant question religion in itself. You can always raise questions about the existence of Ram as an individual who was supposedly an incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth but you dont question the thing called Hinduism (or Islam/Christianity) for that matter.

From what I can make out of religion is, its a set of rules and conditions which are laid down by some great intellectuals and you are supposed to follow/pay heed to them, which in fact could be a very nice funda if not distorted which almost always is the case even with religions like Jainism & Buddhism which were born against such practices. The only problem which I see creeping in religion is, instead of these things being the Directive Principles of living, people are making them rules written on stone, some lines which cant be crossed.

If I had to classify myself, I would neither be an atheist nor a believer in religion. I am a guy who reads Hanuman Chalisa in the morning and yet who doesnt have any problem if a cigarette packet is lying above the Hanuman Chalisa. I have relied on gayatri mantra since my young age to help me  when I had a nightmare. I voluntarily TRY not to eat non-veg on Tuesdays, and yet if I have to, then I have to, which is where my conflict with religion starts. Why the hell should I NOT have non-veg on Tuesday, i started believing in the concept because that is what I got from my parents and this has somehow stuck to me. Although I sincerely detest if I am forced to do this.

I have utmost respect for Geeta because its a source of great knowledge  and wisdom.

Similarly I respect Ramayana and Mahabharata as Great works but I would put them along with Divine Comedy, Iliad and Odyssey (none of which I have read and neither plan to do so) as great works of literature. I am not even sure about the existence of Ram or Krishna which stops me from considering these books any different from any other form of literature.

Similar is the case with Christianity, why should I start considering a guy who was hanged at the altar and did some acts of , as the son of God? He was a great icon, perhaps the biggest name in the world! But cant  Jesus’s influence  be compared to Gandhi’s to an extent ? Gandhi gave the policy of Ahimsa to Indians which helped them tolerate the English (and finally drive them away)..  Jesus’s contribution was Christianity which helped the people in his time.

Yet, I am not against the concept of something like God, I definitely believe there is something governing the world, it could be a God, it could laws of nature, there in something running the world but I am still not ready to believe that it is your all powerful God, even though I still pray to God when I am in trouble or thank Him when I am happy coz this is inbibed in me because of all these years of training by people around me and I guess I will keep doing the same all my life because after all everybody is afraid of troubles and tries to stay away from them and God gives us some sort of hope that he will keep or steer us away when we are troubled. 🙂

Btw just got to know that I complete 4 years blogging. Completed 4 years on 18th 🙂 the same day my bike completed a month 😀 Could read my first post HERE (wasn’t too happy with the college then :P)


11 thoughts on “Religion

  1. nice.. partly true and mostly conflictive.. 🙂
    will surely raise many questions if read by all the janta out there..

    will comeback to see this section flooded with some discussion..

  2. no one’s come back from dead.. to tell the story if they met bhagwan or god or allah 🙂 … all lies here n here only… there’s this one life time… nothing else… do what you can… and don’t what you dont feel like doing… I like discussions so I’d take up religion any time on that note… and religious works… well they inspire me the same way.. other literature does…. 🙂 … when I tell Batman inspires me.. why not let Ram or Krishna or Hanuman inspire me the same way 🙂 … and when it comes to that I rate LOTR a notch above Ramayana or Mahabharata… but then that’s me.. and and I’m completely fine with anyone agreeing with me or trying to kill me for that 😀

  3. well … almost every thing in my mind is wht written in this post.

    I believe the Ramanyan and mahabharat was some what same as the other urban legend … some one created it once upon a time … other’s re wrote it on the same line with bit of divergence …

    that’s why we have so many versions … but one thing is for sure, the intellectuals who wrote them must have be pretty advance scientifically too…

  4. “I have utmost respect for Geeta … ”

    whos that ? a new crush ? 😛

    ps: Bad Blasphemous joke !
    pps: shit! I forgot I am in mumbai ..hope the Shiv Sena don’t read this :O
    ppps: ok that was a worse joke !

  5. Ramayana and Mahabharata are both too melodramatic for my taste but I’d put the Geeta above Descartes and even Kant. Geeta is good stuff. LOTR is somewhere there too… then comes the Bible..Bible is pretty awesome literature too. I’ve yet to read the Quran….

    Everytthing is fiction to semi-fiction. I agree with your inferences. But I disagree when you say that almost nobody questions religion. In my experience, I have met very few who don’t deal with religious doubts and revise their beliefs at some point in their lives.

  6. well…….problem arises when whatever you do, becomes a ritual and no feeling is involved, like not eating non-veg on tuesday is just a ritual for you or might be lighting candles on diwali or even reading hanuman chalisa daily, if you know the reason behind doing all this and your ‘self’ is involved in it…….then you might start believing it.
    Religion is all about experiencing…….but first you have to believe it, i am not talking about the epics here but about the wisdom in Geeta or any other holy book.
    Once a fellow asked Swami Vivekananda that is Blind faith required, Swami ji replied “Yes! Subjected to the condition that the person on which you have blind faith is not blind…….”
    BTW congrats for completing 4 years of blogging 🙂 , and the best post which i liked of yours was IIIT Delhi, because that was the only post I have read of yours before this 🙂

  7. Every religion has a purpose. If you can associate yourself with the purpose, follow the religion. Or go ahead and create your own.
    (I have found that almost all religions have same purpose – to uphold the universal principles of love, compassion, truth, etc etc. The path they suggest may be different)

    Whether you consider existence of Rama, Krishna or even God as mere stories may not matter. If you can follow the good someone did and avoid the bad, I think that is sufficient in this world.
    Please try to find the reason behind your ‘religious’ actions.

  8. Well, I read your post.. Not the comments following it. For me religion is what it is because it gives me strength in my heart. Gandhi might inspire me, but the thoughts of the Lord inspire, drive me forward and most importantly give me strength. It is for the same reason that you say “Gayatri Mantra” in times of duress.. You believe in the power.

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