And it snowed..

Hyderabad weather has always been one of the kinder breed, coming from the plains and hills of North India where the extremities of weather are as wide apart as the great plain itself, I have always found a different kind of romance in this ever so calm weather. Winters here pass by without a sweater, summers without a cooler, and yet the skies of hyderabad are the best I have ever seen in my life…

and it was one such noon in the month of december, when the sky was a shade of white, which you would associate with the clouds. The clouds looked like a continous sheet with no breaks in between for the sun to make its presence felt. Yet you could see a spot in this sheet, a spot which could be a reminiscent of an old coffee stain just trying to peek through and get noticed.

Which reminded of a rather similar afternoon 13 years ago in a place which was more chillier and higher than this humble abode of mine, a place called Uttarkashi, when I, who had never seen a hill station in his life save a busy nainital as a mere kid, of which time I have faint recollections, saw Snow for the first time in my life.

The first things in your life always remain special, although you may find things better than that, but the charm of first is rather surreal. The first love, the first kiss all remain etched in your mind forever. Similarly for us people of the plains, snowfall is a rather enchanting sight. Which is perhaps why, the events of my first snowfall remain etched in my memory.

It wasnt a rather grand affair of a few inches which would remain to tell you the story even when you greet these footsteps trodden guests a few days later. It was a rather silent affair of the weather Gods showing a glimpse of the beauty of the nature! A few milimeters of snow which couldnt survive the wrath of the Sun God even for a few hours.

And yet, the few hours that these scant gifts remain, the environment screamed of excitement, faces unheard of for ages, conveyed the excitement, and yes, the dear old game of playing with the snow balls was played with much excitement. But the absence of the Snow Men could be attributed to the rather few millimeters of snow. But, in a span of a few hours, even before the hands were numb coz of the extreme cold, or the backs hurting because of the balls of snow hurled at you. The snow started receeding, you could see distinct patches of earth shining from every nook and corner slowly gaining in their struggle against these unwelcome guests from the skies above which tried covering it up. A scene you definitely don’t see too often, a scene which would definitely take your breath away.

Thus, a dream was realised. A fantasy with snow turned into a relation. Memories to be preserved and a photo to be saved were found.


8 thoughts on “And it snowed..

  1. That was my first snowfall also. I guess you are talking about 1996. My worst was when we had undertaken a trek to Dodital in the month of October. It was an exhausting trek, we pitched our tents and in the morning we woke up to a feet of snow and it was still snowing. The group split. The girls all chickened out, i got the responsibility of escorting them out of the forest. The guy went ahead fuil force and were thigh deep in fresh snow. It was a disaster in the name of trek. Almost on the verge of frost bites.

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