The Night Rider

He was a rider of the nights, lonely and dark,     it was only the silence and calm of the night which would generally bring out the beast in him. In the days he would be nothing but a shadow of the furious self, strolling along the busy alleyways waiting for the sun to set, for the darkness to fall, when he wouldn’t have to share his kingdom with others, when he would swoop down upon the area, race through the black meadows,he would climb the mountains and thrill down the slopes. Yet there are occasions when the need arises to step out of your zone, to play the game a little dangerously, test the nerves.

Such an oppurtinity arose in front of him courtesy a phone call which promised rich rewards if the mission was accomplished. He would have to test himself, the limits would have to be stretched, dangers multitude awaited on the journey, and the biggest challenge was, he had to face the sun. The sun which has always been a thwarting force in any such adventures, the sun which brings people, the sun which screws it up all in the end. Yet the awaiting glories drew him forth.

It was a conquest unlike any, he had been on before. He had raced many times against people and yet here the race was against time, didn’t stand to lose anything granted he failed, yet the rewards of success were waiting for him.

He calld upon his dependable companion, the dream machine and the vehicle broak into a roar, perhaps aware of the excitements awaiting it! Time was noted along with the meter reading both showing it as 14.8, perhaps a good omen or an unlucky signal, he didnt care.It was time to surge ahead and make this journey a memorable one.

The gun is not shot as a signal for the hero’s departure after all this was not a time for childish idiosynchranies, this was life and not a run on an empty track. He revved his bike, and embarked on the thrilling journey, from the beginning he gained speeds like never before, roads which used to service him at 30s were now being covered at the speeds exceeding 50s! 60s were converted into 90. Pleas for lifts were not paid heed to, road being the only source of concentration! Vehicles were overtaken  with beastish greed, road lines not being paid heed to, he was constantly roaming around on the dark side of the road, depending on his steering skills to save him from any unwanted attack of the demons coming from front. The lights can warn them but its just a temporary saviour, the skills which had become a part of his repertoire only in the recent months were needed and summoned at very short intervals. He was going well, he was going fast swivelling through the traffic making people wonder and curse him at the same time, yet it was all a buzz for him. He was riding fast ahead of them and besides he had no time to look at others. He was sitting tight in his seat, aware of the ridiculous speeds he was going at, he was trying to concentrate as teh danger of an imminent disaster always lurked around the corner. His body was strained, nerves beginning to get terse, the tension and the excitement were building upon him. The heartbeats were going as fast as the bike, yet the sound of gushing wind made sure he was unaware of those loud thumping beats.

Would he able to do it? he didn’t know. The desire was there, but the skills?? They needed a testimonial which he could find today!

He was enjoying the rush of adrenaline, just when he saw a huge commotion on the road, which would definitely mean some precious moments lost. He was furious, he was hurt, yet he tried his best to get through and succeed did he, to find a man, one of a breed similar to his, lying down on the road, surrounded by people, perhaps in need of help,hit by a car or may be a speed mad driver like him. The speeds were reaching mid 20s, his grip was loosening. Yet today was a day when he was powered by somthing other worldly, he didnt have to stop there, his destination lay ahead. This might even be a mirage, a hoax created by the evil powers, just to deprive him of his rewards.

This time he started with a fresh vigour, the engine was grumbling even more! The shifts became even more precise, the eyes constricted more, sinews began to tighten, body arching even more in the anticipation of the thrill ride to be unfolded ahead, he was prepared for the last leg of the battle, he couldnt blink in the face of challenge, difficulty compounded by the recent set of events. Its when all hell broke loose and he ventured on a journey which could be his last if unsuccesful!

He rode through the highlands, he encountered the valleys, the bumps were avoided and friendly tracts were looked for and made company for the journey, he wasnt flying over the clouds, yet the feeling was as distant as any he had. He was a trailblazer, all that was left of his presence at a place was just the trail, it was nigh impossible to catch him. He was buzzing past people and vehicles who intended to be his companion yet were losing a race in the survival. No thoughts were spared for the health or well being of the rider or the ridee, mad rush to the finish line was the only thing running in his mind.

The beast of burden roared as much as it could, the driver bore as much as he could ever have done. At long last he saw the cupboard which contained the trophy, he reached the destination! Although he knew in the depth of his heart but He had to take a look at the watch to ensure himself. After which he realised he had triumphed, he  had done it, he had covered a huge 8.5 kms in 9.5 minutes along the hustles and bustles of city traffic, And finally he could hear his heart beats thumping against the walls of his chest! His hands were shaking, his legs were weak, finally all the adrenaline had rushed away and he was back to being a normal being. Who had the satisfaction of achieving a goal, of getting a victory, of being the one who defied sun and came from the darkness and silence of the nights to the din and brightness of day!


13 thoughts on “The Night Rider

  1. @ Rajat ; Thanks man 🙂
    @ Manish : didnt know ppl had expectations from me 😛
    @ Pallav: Would make for good reading especially that bike which did 17 somersaults!! 🙂
    @ Pankaj : Glad to read that 🙂

  2. aah! Finally … phodu post… gazab likha hai be … only one suggestion- at some places the language was bit casual.. overall it was very well written. Man! long time … I have been telling you to write a book and I even told you about the theme you can start with :P, if you remember….

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