Thank You Twitter

Life changes at a very fast pace nowadays, there is an innovation which changes people’s lives every few years in contrast to the time when you used to have fire discovered or a wheel invented once every few thousand years, these days its eevry 5 years or so when someone comes up with a revolutionary idea which changes the world. It was gtalk sometime back in 2005-06 while Twitter is redifing things right now!

Of all the things twitter has done to the world, one has been getting to know our celebrities. The stars, the players, the netas even the Presidents. They are all famous people, rich and influential and nowhere in our league. Some of us were sent to the cloud 9 when Gul Panag (@gulpanag) replied back to a tweet of theirs (yet later unfollowed her later 😛 ), people were advising Shreya Ghoshal (@shreyaghoshal) on gharelu nuskhe to overcome common cold and even discussing her fashion statement with Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra). Online networking brings all and sundry to the same level.

The so called big people are always in a different stratosphere from ours, so all these times what we have known has been nothing but the image of such people as portrayed by media, it may be good or bad depending upon how the media sees them or even you could say, how the media wants to portray them.

Thanks to twitter I can now know what Mr. Sashi Tharoor(@shashiTharoor) is thinking about India’s foreign policy or such things. I can mock @chetan_bhagat, if I want. All these people dont have the mask of celerity status behind which they can hide, for the first time I am getting to know these people, their lives. I was never interested in paparazzi coverage of such people, its generally interesting to the stereotypical noobs who cant think much for them and are happy to be immersed in this wonderland. Its only after coming on twitter that i discovered the wittiness of @mallikala specially when it comes to the NV stuff :P. And just now I was amazed when i come to know that you can even find the accounts of @konkonas‘s sleepless nights on twitter.It has made them seems more like humans, instead of the 70mm wonders!

Yet the biggest contribution of twitter would definitely be the fact that I now sincerely respect a certain politician. All our lives we have been cursing our politicians for their lack of knowledge, for the lack of suavity in them, for being too lazy and greedy with no work ethic to boot for. Yet here we had a neta who had a twinkle in his eye, who had respect for people around him, who valued his working time and would be, and who for once is genuinely disappointed. Finally there is a neta who speaks the language we speak, I can never identify with a Laloo or an Atal yet Tharoor looks more like one of us.Thanks to twitter I can finally say that there is one neta who I really respect. And just for this feeling which inspires in me a hope for the system, I would like to thank Twitter.


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