Dream Girl

Dreams are the most essential part of a human’s survival, they are what drive us. Some men say, dreams are the most important things in life. Dreams with closed eyes are a wonderful experience taking you away to a world very different from your own, while you are engulfed in the sweet and wonderful world of sleep. Dreaming with open eyes is more often than not supposed to be a forte of crazy people or ones under some influence. Yet what do you say when you experience a dream unfolding right in front of your eyes.

Almost a decade has passed since that glorious afternoon, I dont remember any details about the day as in which day or month it was. Jogging my memory, i understand that it was a similar winter day like today, although that being Lucknow and this being Hyderabad, you wouldnt find much similarities in the temperature, yet the diffused sunlight is one which again reminds me of that day.

The day I saw that face! All our lives we are surrounded by faces left,right and center, some of them we see daily, some rarely, some of them we love, some we hate and some we cant live without. And yet there are many faces which we just see for an instant,a moment, after which the person passes away from your sight and most probably from your memory. And yet some faces, those rather scarce leave an impression on you, an impression which even 6 years later is strong enough.

I remember the day as being a chilly winter day, the types that you would generally expect in the great Indo-Gangetic plains! Fog blocked the morning sun from shining at its fullest until 1-2pm, which is when you would finally have a look at that glorious yellow visitor. In india, unlike the west, which longs for the spring. Winter is supposed to be the romantic season, the season of the cold winds, of pullovers and jackets. When you could finally roam the streets at day time, after being forced indoors due to sweltering summers and the pouring rains! When you could really look good without all the sweat dripping off your face.

It was in such romantic settings that I saw her, who has remained just a ‘Her’ in my life, although one who’s memory has stood a test of time, which many names werent able to! I have often heard the term Dream Girl but never met someone who could inspire the same amount of excitement and wonder as only a dream Girl would do!

I dont know if there was a strange love potion, but for just the first and last time in my life I was flummoxed at someone’s beauty! Girls, I claim to have seen many, and a fair share of them were good (talking about days before Hyderabad) and some just blew me away. You ask me to describe how she looked, I would never be able to do full justice to that lady, yet she was a beauty beyond dreams and hopes.

The eyes which were of such a hazy shade of green and blue that you could have felt it was a torquiose floating in the blue sky. The flowing manewhich was of a golden brown colour, the delicate shade between the very light and very dark of browns could alone have made you a zealot, the length of hair alone could have choked you in her love. Traces of makeup none on the face, you could see the sunlight falling on that fairsest skin, and the shivers I had running through my body were unparallaled. I was shook, i was taken aback, i was amazed, wondered at her beauty. If i coud ever design someone the most beautiful in this world, she would have to be the one. That one moment awakened in me a belief, a belief that wonders can happen.

And as we all know dreams dont come true in real life, I have no idea who she was, where she came from and where she went, but when i came out of that stupor, she wasnt there. I saw her in the conference hall once again, mesmerized by her beauty and yet I did neither have the guts nor the intent of approaching her, to date I dont know what stopped me but it was something I hadn’t felt before!

Beauty is among the most subjective thing in universe, my dream girl could be just average for someone, (i can assure you no one could call her ugly or anything) but for me she would be the one who introduced me to The Word


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