F1 Popularity V/S Schumacher’s Career

Not a fan of F1, the info is based, the interest shown by F1 fans in the game 🙂 and the Media coverage given to the game

F1 Popularity
F1 Popularity

5 thoughts on “F1 Popularity V/S Schumacher’s Career

  1. viva la Schumi …

    but i would not be flummoxed if his circuit performance now turns out to be only a shadow of his former self in his new innings. He might be a bit old and rustic right now

  2. very rite bro…….

    till shumi drove i didnt miss a single race……

    but after that may be i would hv seen only 1-2 races….

    thats a impact of a single guy on a sports… 🙂

    nd hv to say that…i proceeded to dis page as always in a hope for sum awesomely written blog by u…….but tune toh kuch likha he nahi 😦

  3. hey Himank..i’ve been following your blog from quite sometime. You are really good man. Read 50+ posts by you in 2 days. they are soo good.
    but the best part is you’ve been really inspirational for me. I started my own blog today “colors”. After having read yours i realised its not that difficult and this is what i really wanna do. so thanx a lot. Thank u soo much for being an inspiration. :).. Hopeful;y sometime even you would respond to my blog…..

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