3 Idiots

Three Idiots

PS : All views are unapologetically mine, and I dont expect you to subscribe to them just dont lynch me!

3 Idiots could be termed as the best masala movie of the year, many people would dub it as one of the best entertainer in recent years and multitude of people would give their right arm and leg in defence of the statement. 99% of people who have seen the movie, have become hard core fans of the movie as well as restored their faith in the Godliness of Aamir. Yet I have always been of a strange breed when it comes to movie, my perception, likes and dislikes are generally different from other people, thats why The Godfather, remains just another movie for me, while Shawshank Redemption , will always remain a rather ordinary one for me (i kept comparing it to a Leo Tolstoy story, and nobody can compare with him). Similarly with 3 Idiots, though I would agree that it was a masala movie, which had almost all the ingredients of a good movie and yet I didnt like the movie.

The movie definitely isnt without its high points, the spirit of doing what you love is a lesson, many people can relate to. Kareena in the role of a simple girl definitely rocks with those glasses. She looks good in the movie without even trying to look glamorous, and ofcourse when she gets glamorous in the song Zoobi Doobi , she just blows you away for brief duration of the song.Balatkari scene, must be one of the best comic sequence in recent years and the acting of the guy Chatur Ramlingam, is one of the nice things of the movie. The parts of Sharman and Madhavan are good, although they also tend to go on a tangent, specially the interview given by Sharman Joshi towards the end of the movie is one of the most random thing I have seen. They just basically made a mockery of the whole placement process in engineering colleges. Students study only once in 4 years of their B.Tech, and yet they were made aware of the fact the things you need to secure a job in a company are, poor academic performance, revolutionary views and the guts to speak whatever comes to your mind in front of a panel of 4 people, while the reality couldnt be any further than this. Had such a movie been made about any other profession or stream, I might have liked it, being ignorant of the ongoings in the field. But, when you talk about Engineering, I would like things not to be made into a fairy tale.

Ranchor Das Chanchad, could easily be one of the most irritating characters, Aamir Khan has played (acc to me). The guy in 3 Idiots is a mixture of the school teacher in Taare Zameen Par, the way he inspires his friends. He is the Big Daddy of Einsten, with a ridiculously obnoxious no of patents (400) to his name. Had they portrayed this movie as a story in a Galaxy far far away, I could have digested such facts. But since you are talking about this planet and this country, I would have liked if we didnt over indulge ourselves in Hero Worship and stuck to our guns portraying him as may be even a Great Student but making him a magician isnt what I liked in the movie. Had they even stopped at showing him as the Teacher of that school in Laddakh, I might not have cried myself hoarse, but they had to make him The Lord, the Master of everything which freaks me out.

3 Idiots was intended to be a good movie, and generally in such movies, you expect not to be flummoxed by the ongoings in the movie. But, the scene when the new born baby who wasnt even breating, starts kicking as soon as he hears the words All Izz Well , is one of the most cringeworthy scenes in recent memory. A scene which reminds me of Govinda’s movies in 90s (arguably one of the bad decades of Bollywood) rather than an Aamir Khan movie released towards the end of the naughties.

One of the crassest point in the movie would be the description of Sharman’s family conditions, specially the scene where his father is shown travelling in Kareena’s vehicle, is a rather tasteless description of a poor man’s apathy. Making it look ridiculous and instead of feeling sorry for his dad, you start feeling a bit sad for the director and his vision of the movie and the suffering of a sick old guy.

The part about Phunsukh Wangdu seems more like the BC plays which we perform in the inter house competition in our freshers’ party. I have no idea, what forced him to go ahead and make such unncessary changes. FPS is,I guess the only decent book by Mr. Chetan Bhagat, he already introduces too much masala into his books that they can be turned into motion pictures without adding things like Phunsukh Wangdu and All izz well sequence while delivering the baby. The only problem (again according to me) would be casting Aamir Khan in the lead role instead of someone lesser (which the character demanded) and secondly all the attempts at making this a mass masala movie when the story needed a different treatment, than the usual run of mill movies. All this movie has done is portray almost all Engineers as weird in some sense or the other, while Engineers are almost like Average people, just with a serious dearth of female interaction owing to their field.

And yet the biggest problem I will have about this movie would be, instead of telling the story of 3 Idiots, it just goes on to glorify 1 Idiot in all ways.
One of my friend, who really loved the movie, (sometime in the middle of the movie) said, “Aamir Khan is definitely not an Idiot :D”and thats what my problem with the movie is.


36 thoughts on “3 Idiots

  1. The only thing I want to say here is that 2 states is better than Five Point Someone !!! 😛
    I wondered why would a good blogger like Himank write a movie review of 3 idiots so late, but of course you argue that its overhyped. 😀
    Yeah, they should have showed the part of lack of interaction with females as well, which they missed. 😦
    After reading this post, I kind of don’t like the movie that much. 😦 Before this I watched it everyday! 😀

  2. saw it yest nite, didnt Like it except for some comedy scenes.

    And I really didnt think that FPS was more than 10% of the movie. Chetan bhagat is just another media whore

  3. @ Abhishek : thats awesome man.. Never knew I could make beliefs change 🙂
    @ Mythalez : My bad… corrected it
    @ Maruti : Finally grt to see people sharing the same viewsSOB as me about the movie 🙂
    Chetan Bhagat is def a media whore… 🙂 That SOB… I dunno what the f he wants

  4. Well I find you on a totally different page…. since I am a die hard fan of Aamir… so I loved the movie from the word GO…. but one thing I would like to point out here……. your words..

    “One of the crassest point in the movie would be the description of Sharman’s family conditions, specially the scene where his father is shown travelling in Kareena’s vehicle, is a rather tasteless description of a poor man’s apathy. Making it look ridiculous and instead of feeling sorry for his dad, you start feeling a bit sad for the director and his vision of the movie and the suffering of a sick old guy. ”

    That is what I would call the brilliance of the director…. any other person would have tried to cash on the sentiments of the audience by showing this family in the poorest of lights… but the way it is shown in the movie.. brings out the humor in the darkest places…. it’s one of many things I liked about the movie..

    PS :: 90 % of your post reeks of the feeling that you didn’t like the movie… hence the post !!!

    Period .

  5. @maruti u said exactly what i was about to say … “even i saw the movie last night”

    @himank … and I totally agree with you on every point … it was fun but too filmy …

  6. pankaj saini +1

    will anyone even notice the number of patents he has to his name? I didn’t know that until you mentioned it

  7. Aamir has this problem. He takes up possibly good subjects and commercialises and cheapens them. Here the underlying good subject was not Five point someone but the Munnabhai MBBS feeling. 3 idiots did everything wrong that munnabhai did right. Anyways, it was a good entertainer, not a classic by any means, still a good watch. Ghajini and 3Idiots show that Aamir, after giving his best for last few years, has come down to making easy to make, easier to enjoy movies which rake in moolah but are worthless otherwise.

  8. The problem is, you’re trying to relate the movie to real life. That’s not how it is meant to be. The movie is consistently over the top, consistently funny, consistenly exaggerates everything to ridiculous levels. Basically, it is not made on the normal ‘plane’, but at another plane which would appear as more funny, more exaggerated, more ridiculous to us on the normal plane.

    It is something like “Inglorious Basterds” which treats an all too serious topic in a very funny way. Consistently.

    I’m sure you, if none else, would be able to appreciate the idea of ‘plane’ 😛

  9. Well few a few pieces of my mind also. Frankly speaking i got depressed after seeing the movie. I am no engineer. I am an Architect and being an Architect it is a good thing to be revolutionary and rebellious (At least that is what the general idea is). This is what results in major discord with faculty. There are no exams in my college and ones passing and failing depends on ones design projects, this gives tremendous opportunity for faculty to recieve an ego massage and some of us just won’t do it. My college / university takes in about 70 students a year, and in my five years in college i have seen 3 suicides including one of my batchmate. You guys have no idea how truly it depicts the feelings of some people. How and why people get pressurized. Characters like JOY are everywhere around us. the movie is not about Aamir nor it is about 3 idiots. It is about unjustified academic pressure and the fallacies of pedagogy.

  10. i actually liked the movie but do want the all iz well overkill to have been killed. also the professors though sadist in iits as the number of suicides will say are much better than virus.besides without proper degree you cant publish a paper forget patent. and for once i sympathize with chetan bhagat, i feel many plots and sub plots lifted from his book.the essence of the book is lifted from him. And let me tellu 1 fact u dont become a topper in iit(supposed model institute of iec) without being in the good books of the teacher :).Most importantly directors of iits dont give a damn to students ,has nothing 2 do with academics. To njoy this movie, you need to clear yr head of nostalgia. And dont criticize godfather and shawshank, they are bloody good movies

  11. When I entered the theater, I knew I was there for watching a movie. I enjoyed the next 3 hours without going into the nuances of the story/actors/scripts/point raised/mockery made etc.
    I came outside and it remained just another entertaining movie I sat through.

    For the likes of Munnabhai MBBS, I have got some really really flaming reviews from a few medical students, but lets not get into that.

    at the end of the day it’s just good entertainment. You want good preaching/ideas/ideals, you are looking at the wrong place 🙂

  12. Love the post. Most jokes are copied but still liked the movie. Movie is well made and acted out despite the masala which we can forgive keeping in mind that its made for an Indian public which let us admit, still likes the loud and seemingly fancy and colorful soaps on Star and Zee.
    The huge problem that I found with the movie was that the crew thinks the movie is social message. So the movie which is excellent as a masala flic suddenly becomes a dangerous experiment portraying an extremely wrong picture of the education system.

    Not being modest, I think I have studied in one of the best institutes in our country and hardly any of our professors would come close to this Prof Virus in the movie.
    I think we were blessed with great profs who encouraged new ideas and focus on fundamentals and not muggin definitions.
    We openly abused their generosity and good nature not out of maliciousness but because that is what “coolness” was about.
    I think the average Indian college guy anyway does not want to study and giving out a message like this only pushes him to a life of lazy ideals.

  13. Hi Bro,

    nice review of the movie. but i feel sometimes you don’t have to intelectualize while watching a movie. some points u mentioned were good but one has to ignore them and enjoy a typical bollywood masala and thats whatit was. All in all i enjoyed the movie.!!!! 😉


  14. After commenting on a lot of comments this is what I will say :
    I watch 2 types of movie:
    1) Which cheer me up (Happy go lucky movies,masala movies,dhishum dhishum movies, romantic comedies)
    2) Movies with a story…
    3 Idiots lie in the first category….and I liked the movie for 3 hours of entertainment …to paisa vasool 😛 … aur vaise bhi tujhe hindi movie mein dimaag lagane ko kisne bola 😛

    1. Kurbaan kis mein fal hoga be ? ..

      And i wish I could watch movies for cheering myself up .. never works for me 😦

        1. Thats why i didnt even think of watching movies like Qurbaan, 3 Idiots made me write such a post. I wonder what I will do after seeing such movies

          @ Prashu : Unfortunately I cant appreciate such movies :|. There has to something in it, otherwise I can even go watch a Govinda movie!

          1. I am shocked that you guys have such negative opinions on the movie Kurbaan. Its by no means a great movie but it is definitely better than a majority of the films that get released every week.

            Watch it if you haven’t and you will appreciate the no-nonsense manner in which the movie was made. It has its flaws but its pretty darn good.

  15. Himank, you are acting like Chatur character from the movie. Did this movie hit you at personal level or something? Come on man, movie is for entertainment, not bringing facts about engineering recruitment process and blah. I think it was a good show. I can watch it again and again. In the movie they did make mockery of the competitive exams for engineering entrance and mental pressure on students, but dude watch the movie again and this time take it lightly, you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

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