15 Years Later


I cannot proudly proclaim to rememeber all the details of that winter of ’95 when a film called DDLJ was ruling the box office and the hearts of people around India. After all I was a 8 yr old kid back then.Yet I still do remmeber a certain Raj Malhotra who ascended the throne and became King Khan after that movie and I do also remember the pretty, chirpy and vivacious Senorita from the movie. 90s was a time when almost every Indian boy dreamed of and loved Kajol. She was the queen bee at the time.

15 years after DDLJ, that childhood enchantment with the Simran of DDLJ is long but gone but after watching My Name is Khan, this young adult is filled with love, respect and admiration for the lady called Mandira Khan in the movie. Aging is a natural phenomenon and unlike the actors in our bollywood, actresses do seem to be governed by these rules. Yet there can be various types of aging: Preity Zinta types getting ugly, Aishwarya Rai types in your face cleavage, be like Shilpa Shetty and try defying all these rules with your awesomely mantained bod or you can just fade into obscurity like Raveena Tandon all more or less contemporaries who have had their different paths charted in the twilight of their career.

But, there is another way of aging, doing it the graceful way and the styling of MNIK has a lot to do in this. The yesteryear’s hottie has completely gone, tank tops have been replaced by sober sweaters, the mini skirts have been replaced by smart pants. Yet one look into those eyes and you realise you are looking into one of the most gorgeous of the women you’ll see atleast for sometime to come. These are the eyes that sparkle, that charm, that mesemerize and enchant. One look into those eyes and you cant help falling in love with the same woman again even after a gap of 15 years.

Take a bow Kajol. You still rock 🙂


15 thoughts on “15 Years Later

  1. agreeeed 🙂 Kajol has always been my all time favourite and she proves it again one more time in MNIK y she deserves that 🙂 hats off to her 🙂
    n btw after a lonnnnng time a nice post on this blog which used to be one of my favs smtime bk 🙂

  2. I am not a rational being .. but still I find. most of SRK-KAJOL movies… as kiddish… have not seen MNIK ….. yet ……… the couple is over hyped just like many other icons of Bollywood… 🙂

  3. completely agreed….kajol luks gorgeous in d muvy…may be i call it the Kajol-SRK jodi effect 🙂
    If sum ppl think their movies are kiddish.. they gotta see MNIK…

  4. Well.. I agree to the words in totality and would just give few add on credits to manish malhotra as well.. 😛
    Your words fall very effectively.. long way to go blogger..!!!

  5. @ Pankaj : Well if you consider movies like DDLJ also kiddish then am sorry we really don’t stand at the same plane on this one 🙂
    @ Archisha : yeah that’s a fitting reply to the non believers 🙂 and yeah definitely the total sum of SRK-Kajol pair is more than the individual sums taken 🙂
    @ Pallavi : Yeah actually dress designer would have a very imp role in this, but seeing as I am not too interested in the fashion of garments .Not being much of an observer of clothes I generally just go for the whole feel and hence its Kajol who I see is mentioned and not the ppl behind the screen

  6. I tried watching DDLJ .. without any baggage (that I hate SRK when it comes to romantic n senti roles..) … and still couldn’t understand the whole euphoria around it….. sorry… definitely not a movie for me 🙂

      1. yea I do…. but then again…I say that Godfather isn’t for everyone…… but the same is not true of DDLJ…. everyone goes gung-ho in its praise… and I’m like… do I miss some special bones needed to like this flick?? 😀

        1. @pankaj: maybe :P…
          m no more a SRK fan and I hated his last 2 flicks(RNBJ and OSO)..but cannot deny the fact that I did grow up watching his movies..and have loved all of them…though they seem a lil redundant now…

          1. @ prashasti : well I cudn’t have said any more on this.. it’s very true.. I too watched most of his movies in childhood… except DDLJ …. i tried watching it so many times…. but cudn’t 😀

  7. Kajol is one star who has managed to stay away from the trappings of stardom and still does good work on her own terms. She is a fine actress.

    SRK has never been just an ‘actor’. He is an entertainer first. But, if someone is called the ‘baadshah’ and earns revenues in millions and has survived in the industry for such a long time, he is definitely doing something right. I love SRK for the fact that no one can ever romance the way he does. Even all the so-called ‘thinking actors’ can not manage that. Give him a broomstick and he will create chemistry :).

    I liked MNIK but thought Kajol over-reacted in few scenes. But she still rocks!

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