Dil Chahta Hai?

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As far as I can remember, there are only two things cricket and movies, which have ruled the hearts and minds of the Indian dispora. Other events and things can come and go but these two have been rooted at the top of popularity charts. Both of them are full of success stories and disappointments likewise. Yet, since its the winners who are talked about the most

Every calendar year in bollywood, comes up with a multitude of flops, a few hits and a super block buster movie which trumps almost any other movie in terms of praises heaped on it,the collections at the box office and the awards at the year end shows. Some lucky years we have more than one such movies which can be termed as the biggest movies of the year but as far as my senses go (which would be Hum Aapke Hain Kaun in 1994) there has been one movie which people associate with that particular year and its just the exceptions which occur sometimes when you’ve got more than a movie.

Looking at a list of the biggest movies of the year from 2000 to now, we notice that there’s always been something entirely different with almost every movie in this list.
If KNPH was the emergence of Hrithik and his style of acting, DCH was the harbinger of a different genre of movies, Lagaan was a combo of Cricket and Patriotism, two things people hold closest to their hearts. If Munnabhai was a comedy of different type, then Dhoom was the first time Indians were fascinated with bikes and so on almost every movie had something new to offer.

2000 – KNPH
2001 – DCH/Lagaan/Gadar
2002 – Devdas
2003 – Munnabhai/KHNH
2004 – Dhoom
2005 – Black
2006 – RDB
2007 – TZP/Chak De/Jab We Met
2008 – Ghajini/Rock On
2009 – 3 Idiots

Yet if you look at the list, DCH could easily be said to be the biggest movie of the decade. Agreed, it may not be the highest grossing by any means. If DDLJ was the movie that changed the style of movie making in the last decade by introducing Indians to the NRI dream. DCH changed it all this decade with the cosmopolitization of the entire movie industry. DCH was the movie which moved Bollywood from cities to Metros. There have been numerous movies located in Bombay/Mumbai before that but somehow the treatment always remained different. You can infact very well say that success of movies like Rock On, Dhoom, 3 Idiots are a direct outcome of the metro environment created by DCH.

Another reason for this is the optimal timing of the movie. Its only after stepping into the 2000s that India has achieved a spot of importance in the world in fields ranging from economy to cricket. 90s was a pretty average time in recent Indian history with unstabiliy and mediocrity being the norm. For no reason is the music of 90s the most dreaded by many people, Indian cricket team of the 90s considered as a benchmark for any poor performance. Breaking out into a new age literally and metaphorically, perhaps it was also a time of change in the bollywood and that fortunately was provided by DCH.

Some of the facts that still point to the never decreasing popularity of the movie is the fort in Goa which is commonly known as DCH Fort or the fact that everyone wants to make a road trip to Goa (but in a car.. The DCH way). DCH could be credited for making Goa more interesting to a whole generation of people.


13 thoughts on “Dil Chahta Hai?

  1. A good compilation and analysis… and to further it I would like to mention that…. for this new decade… movies like Dev D and Kaminey have set a new trend (like I say… movie makers have started to trode the hitherto rarely ventured territories) 🙂

  2. @ Shrikant : That last line was coutesy you 🙂
    @ Piyush : He he he 🙂 Sure would be my pleasure 😀
    @ Pankaj : Yeah Kaminey and DevD are the type of movies which are exploring the new territories this decade. They have with them brought different kind of innovation.

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