Why do you smoke?

Faced with the same question for the millionth time, I thought of that day many long years ago. In that smoky room of OBH, when I was asked the question perhaps the first time. Why do you smoke? I was but a kid then, not so sure about his life and things. Now I am a young man still unsure about my life and things but guess might try to tackle this one.

Smoking must be the addiction pursued in the highest number which would clearly indicate to something being very succesful in this whole scenario.
First and foremost thing is, a smoker is addicted to cigarette and that’s why he does it. There are many cravings in the world people have craving of chocolate, Tiger Woods had it for sex, Sachin has it for centuries, a smoker has it for smoke. Its nothing good or bad for him, its just a thing. Just like food, it’s a necessity of the body. There is a chemical locha inside a smoker’s body which ensures that person needs it after every meal, after every sleep, before every morning dump (in stages of addiction).

The many advantages of smoking in practical life also do generally tend to increase the addiction. Smoke is like a swiss knife doing many thing s at the price of one
There are many reasons which can add to this addiction, cigarette serves as a very good time pass when you are waiting, for anyone or anything doesn’t matter, a neat slice of 5 mins is taken out of the boring time. Instead of cursing those 5 mins, you can have a good smoke. The pie is shifted by 5 mins 😛 A gr8 thing to keep company with your friends. We have always had huge discussions on the topic that may be Sangal Sir should introduce Sutta and Daroo in college if they really want people to gel well. (Controversial statement don’t kill me) . I always loved the smoking part, the feeling of taking in and letting out smoke has always fascinated me and have never been bored of it. The fascination and the power of taking something and controlling it, making rings, blowing out pufffs, smoke out in a spurt or let it go loosely. Its all just a part of the game I like.

Ofcourse you can never discount the high you get smoking a cigarette after a few days, or a hard day’s night. It’s the high which initially gets most of the people addicted to this bitter sweet symphony called cigarette.

There are very many bad things about cigarettes which I fully appreciate, comprehend and understand and never advise anyone to start smoking, but what to do! Still don’t have the will power to leave it. When the day comes I’ll sure publicize it or die trying (of cancer?? )!! I would have loved to write all the harmful, horiffic effects of smoking but would end writing a thesis so will leave this part to the intelligent reader.


12 thoughts on “Why do you smoke?

    1. Of all the things I have written you had to pick up the last one (Which must be placed last for some reason) and you expect to sumarise the post with it??
      And ofcourse I have found much better highs than this Driving being one of them.. but with this comes an additional package of addiction..

  1. It takes only a little determination to quit. Just ask yourself who would be happiest when you would quit smoking and the boring 5 mins when the craving is at maximum, such as after meals, before and after sleep, before the morning dumps. Just talk to that person over phone for 5 mins.

    1. yeah I remem his chart …everytime we have this discussion…he brings up that chart and tries justifying his new addictions

  2. Good going boy……
    Read Atlas Shrugged..it has got some very interesting ideas in this direction..

    PS: Vaise its been 3 months now since I quit smoking

  3. Hi, himank, about smokers: well smokers arent smokers because they underestimate the risk, its kinda like a domino effect…people you like or feel r great smoke…so you pick up the habit…the draw for most people is the badness and the adultness of smoking….Read the Tipping point…it has a brilliant analysis on teenage smoking

  4. I agree with jeevan here ….

    most of the guys start smoking coz ppl they idealize are doing that too… and they think that smoking adds to their charisma.

    And there is a possibility that this post might do the same effect on those ppl who probably idealize you …

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