Motherjane Ahoy

In the February of 2006, my only interaction with rock music was seeing the cover of an Iron Maiden album which I don’t remember now and once listening to the voice of Avril Lavigne which I couldn’t tolerate for more than a few seconds. Now 4 years later in the February of 2010, I can (not with any intentions of praising myself) be easily termed as a veteran having delved a bit into almost all the genres of rocks . The only thing which has been constant through these 4 years has been the awesomeness of a Mother Jane concert.

4 years ago, When the felicity was still not huge and when it used to be in the ‘then’ Felicity ground in front of the library, of which many of the current students wont be too aware. I got ‘high’ for the first time ever in my life, the strangest thing about this high was, it wasn’t brought out by something you could smoke, neither by drinking or eating something. It was a high perceived by the ears, the first of the very rare times when I have got high on music.

I didn’t know what they were playing, what they were saying and what did symbols like \m/ meant. Bass and lead were the terms which would remain alien to me for an even longer time. But that Rock Show in the Felicity of 2006, when Motherjane performed and I got my first taste of rock music, was an experience I haven’t forgotten even to this date.

Felicity 2k10 again boasted of Motherjane performance and the hopes were raised but were quickly covered with a cloud of skepticism. Whether they would be able to recreate the magic, the karizma of the first year.
But as soon as the bass rumbled, the drums roared and the microphones blared the fears and the doubts all vanished in thin air . More than an hour later, a soul was satisfied and a dream was recreated. Was treated to some of the very finest music you will ever hear in the city. The real rock star of the band though would remain the lead Guitarist. The rock rendition of Vande Matram by the guy gave me Goosebumps. Something which every Indian in the crowd wouldn’t forget easily.

Would really like to thank the organizing team of Felicity 2K10 for making this happen and also for the small matter of organizing a batch reunion for the class of 2009! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Motherjane Ahoy

  1. Thanks so much for posting a blog on the motherjane, we love when the fans share their experience.
    Let me know if your on facebook I will link you to the post on our music page on facebook.
    Motherjane’s Promoter

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