My Life

The clock strikes 10 and thats when it dawns
Begins a new day, of light and hopes
A new page in the book turned,
Of Struggles and happiness
In my life

The clock strikes 5 and that’s when I stand
To end the night, to end the fun
This is where the story ends,
Of another night
In my life

And in the midst ,i live what we call life
Pages are filled, stories written
Few need blood ,some just sweat
thousands of memories, million moments lived
Some remain as blots, some shine like the sun
Some stains left, of the ink that dropped
Turbulence and the turmoil making their mark
Some reams of writings glorious
celebrating the success and joys
Some pages blank passed in a haze
Some scribbled to the heart’s content
Days spent living to the core
Some chapters torn in blaze
Some pages resemble a slate clean
Pages filled so meticulously wiped away
Games so weird played by tears
And along with this all
I play the notes, I sound the trumpet
Of a bittersweet symphony
Which I call My Life


8 thoughts on “My Life

  1. # Maruti : 🙂
    # Ganje : can be happy with things less than very very impressive too.. Greed is not good 🙂
    # hellboy : wud u say.. its good
    # Mux : aisa kyun bhai, bolne se kya feel ayegi and waise bhi i would be a very bad reader i guess.. 😛

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