The Road Life

Life, to most of the people would mean different things. Its a subject as diverse as any on the face of earth. My funda of life too is, a bit different. As far as life goes, I consider it more as a Programming class with some properties and functions which are inherited by different kinds of lives, College life, School life, work life. love life. Some of them are not as much our choice and doing like college life and all. Some of them you tend to acquire over the journey, can pick up love life if you do fall in love, online life has been the result of arrival of Internet and our addiction to it. And them sometime when you are man enough, you get a bike/car, and thats when starts a new class of life, <strong>The Road Life</strong>.

Companions we do have on the Road, some supporting, accompanying you as a pillion. Some on the road, are more of nothings, drudging along and lost in the haze of people. Some you shoot by, blazing the horns, worthy of some attention while some zoom pass you, making you sit and notice. Life on a road, is a grass which doesnt look green until you come to the other side. Thats when the boring preconceptions turn into thrilling experiences. The road once you start living on it, takes a whole new shape.

Each and every thing plying on the roads has its character and characteristics, which are a combination of the driver and the  vehicle, making it all the more interesting than spending time with just a person, and as you drive on, you get to know them, understand them. Thats why you know that a truck would never deviate from a straight line path in any situations but the most extreme and you can plan your squeeze between the truck and the divider based on this. Every interaction with the occupants of the roads is different in  almost every aspect, take Overtaking for example. Overtaking a truck/bus gives you a feeling of scales and your size when you are pushed/pulled at times by the force of the truck. When you are comparable in size to the tyre of the truck. Truck/bus seem like aliens to the world, something ala the Sabu of Chacha Chaudhary. Cars on the other hand, are a completely different species, passing by them is generally almost a no event. More than often they would be cruising along at comfortable speeds, making far too less sounds and just going by. Then we also have the bikes like RX100 (which you can say started biking in India) which need to be accorded grand fatherly respect at times. Even though the bike is old but the fire within the drivers never dies and they foolishly compete with the new age bikes. There are also the bullets, the big, the loud, the slow and the steady like a raging bull making you aware of its presence.

Calling it life, and not mentioning any competition, would seriously undermine its validity to the claim as life is almost always about with whom,why and how you are endeavouring rather than for how and what it is. Most interesting aspect of the road is the little. In other places you need to look for challenges, here, they are dished out to you, waiting to be gobbled up by you. Most interesting part of the road, is the little matches you have with people you never knew and might never see again in your life, complete strangers turn foes. The engines are roared, the bikes are bustled occasionally the brakes screech, but you go on;looking for traces of the foe through the helmet screen or the rear view mirror. The races while contested in the meanest of spirits and the scantest regard for the other person or the fellow travellers have always ended on a happy note for me. Am yet to meet a biker, who after a long racing session didnt wave a hand to me or vice versa from my side. Even had a brief chat with a R1 (who i proudly acclaim I did beat ). Last night, was the first time I had a street challenge thrown by a P220. And it was also the same night when i won my first street challenge after losing the first one coz of the sheer stupidity of starting a race on 2nd gear, and as a result by the time my wheels start moving, he was zooming into 30s & 40s. It was a race contested with sheer enthusiasm and hate for the other person, and was witnessed by a crowd of around 20 people, and then the end was completed with a shake of the hand and the exchange of the names, which ofcourse would be lost in the daze of many more such names and races. But the thrill of the race was so great that even while recounting the story more than 12 hours later, my fingers are still trembling, heart beats are still racing. In a sense, road life is better than real, as you are greeted with a smile and a shake of the hand at the end of every challenge.


8 thoughts on “The Road Life

  1. i stopped eating bread and jam to comment on this one. spectacular, magnanimous, true-to-the-heart writing. feels like i could read it over and over again. 🙂

  2. Wow! Totally different views on the Road. I too love the road, and my love is of another kind. Have got the cue, will be writing about the road sometime soon now 🙂

  3. very well written especially “species of the road” part.

    “truck would never deviate from a straight line path”
    these are the trivial things a driver realize involuntarily with some experience.

  4. Very well observed and equally well written….Some points I would like to mention though
    1.) Bullets are by no means slow.
    2.) Streets are no place to race..I admire and respect the spirit in a biker…..the spirit that makes him travel places…but street racing makes you a wannabe trying to show off..If you wanna race, go find a track. Please never ever do it on the street…the rest, as always, is up to you.

    1. With all due reagrds to Bullets, they are slow..Top speed of 500cc bullet is 120-130 kmph. And more than that its the posture and design , which makes them slow as driver would be more uncomfortable even at lower speeds. Driven both of them I can vouch for the fact that R15 at 90-100 is more comfortable than bullet at 70.

      1. I have seen some modded bullet type bikes ( I guess it was one Rajdoot), dude amazing pickup it had. Just blazed thru me when i was at 90.

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