Indian I was born
Gorged on parathas the day I got the teeth
Chapati, the circle to make my days go around
Curry, the gift of India to world is what I live for
Daal, the  strength of forts, is what we believe on

Down south I came
To the land of dosas and Idlis,
Replaced chutneys varied, the curries of north.
Biryani, the one of chicken, the diet staple of a city grand
Sappadiya the Uttapam, the idiappam of lands further south

A Metro then beckoned
Lasagna and the sauce white, replaced the curry black
Momos the boiled and white, the Chinese delight
Nachos, the snack and meal full, of lands south and west
Along with Subs, the interesting, a food healthy but fast

Yet, maggi is what I love most
Food of curves, queen of the hearts
Have it raw, boil it up or fry with oil
Masala, coriander or the pepper to spice it up
2 minutes is what it takes, add water is what you do

The gift of life
Snack, dinner or meal of 2
That’s  what I want to eat
The curls and curves of that food of Gods
To the grave or beyond it, maggi is all that I want


17 thoughts on “Maggi

    1. Yeah man it could be the proverbial bread & butter for ppl like us.

      Thanks.. the theme is kinda different! You can for once keep categories as your header instead of just simple pages. 🙂 and the colour combo is also cool

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