A Tale of Three Cities


Perhaps the driver’s heaven of all the cities I have been to and drove in. The new parts needless to say have good roads but even the not so new areas like Panjagutta, Secunderabad and likes have broad roads. That even these roads are packed at the peak time is nobody’s fault but that of the ever bludgeoning population.Hyderabad trafiic definitely is not one of the most disciplined and civilzed one in the country but yeah compared to many other cities I have been to, driving in Hyderabad is like bliss (specially again in the newer areas, if you are talking about areas Mehdipatnam onwards then spare me). Almost all the major roads are wide, have traffic signals which do work! Even areas around abids have, at times sufficient space where you can have a single rush of adrenaline. Hyderabad traffic police is, I would say the best of the lot. Neither are they too lenient like the Pune ones, neither all the time in your face like their Bangalorean counterparts. More than often its a matter of chance, you might get caught for a NOC or helmet and at other times you can come from HRC to madhapur 4 bottles drunk without being caught.


As I would like to call it, the city of traffic jams, one ways, traffic singals, fines and dead ends, this line basically sums up my thoughts about Bangalore traffic and road.Everybody knows about the traffic jams of Bangalore, but coming from Hyderabad, I was amazed by the number of dead ends and one ways in Bangalore. I just seem to remember areas around Miyapur as the one which has dead ends otherwise we dont have many dead ends in Hyderabad, even one ways are too far and few to be encountered. Again, in Bangalore, at times you encounter trafiic signals at distances less than a kilometer. And that bangalore traffic is an impatient lot, is just a wrong notion,in front of Pune crowd, bangaloreans are quite a decent lot. The only good thing about Bangalore is, the traffic Police, with such a huge crowd hustling through those narrow streets, there needed to be something which can run it and Bangaloer traffic Police, as much as I hate it for fining me 900rs in the 3 days I spent there last time, is doing a good thing. People are actually not driving drunk in the night for the fear of the strict checking and the fine. I actually cant think what would have happened to Bangalore if this werent so.


A city with absolutely no traffic sense, they still live in an era when Pune was perhaps not a metro. Helmets are rarely seen, I fear being ridiculed just because I am wearing a helmet in the city. Traffic lights at place like KP arent functional at 8 pm on a weekend night. And even when traffic lights are working, they hardly seem to have an effect on the spirits of people. An average puneite (whats the corresponding term for Pune?) generally leaves when the clock on the traffic signal shows 15 secs to being green. At times it was great fun to come, stand in the front on a traffic signal and not budge from my place until the light turns green. Havent been much in Pune to describe more about the roads and people, but roads in general werent too good. Woudlnt really call the roads we travelled on as good. Even the Airport Road is not good by standards of Airport Roads (although it doesnt help that the airport is in city). The best (?worst?)thing is again the traffic police, do anything you want, drink, smoke but they wont say anything to you in contrast to the omnipresent Bangalore police.


12 thoughts on “A Tale of Three Cities

  1. Rightly said about hyderabad and bangalore. But in the night after 10-11 Bangalore traffic just dies down. This is when, we can drive with ease ( i.e without alchohol )

  2. no idea abt Bang or Pune but everything u said abt Hyd is true to its core .. its really fun driving in Hyderabad until police plays the spoilsport.
    btw nice theme 🙂

  3. # Maruti : Yeah agreed but even then the roads arent as good as Hyd!
    # Shrikant : Thats not called breaking a signal, thats just normal life there 🙂
    # Vipul : Stopped writing PSes long back

  4. Puneite = Puneri.
    Does Punjakutta come in old city, thought it was newly build. About the one-ways, arent they suppose to ease the traffic, only being irritating once you have crossed the turn you wanted to take?
    A darker font would have been a little better for my liking.
    Pune policemen = lenient. NOT. Rather vv lazy & highly corrupt. Didnt chika told you the story when we were surrounded with 10 odd policemen, all with sticks 😛
    Nice post 🙂

  5. # Himangshu : Dont doubt that
    # Pagare : yeah lazy would be the right term and I have used not so new as compared to hitech city, Gachibowli and likes.. and its Panjagutta btw,

  6. Can never drive with alcohol (not that I wud want to) in Bangalore. It’s only after 10:30 PM that you can actually take your bike for a ride. Except for the Outer Ring Road, all other roads suck… especially if you’ve been to the old airport road from Marathalli to Lifestyle.. it sucks… and yea… the traffic police are doing a gr8 job but they are ‘in your face’ more than often which is a pain in the ass….

  7. As for B’lore, when I was there the Dolmlur stretch from EGL upto Indra Nagar used to be okayish. That gone bad as well ?

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