I don’t know where I wanna go
To lose it all or to carry on
The path of life, very strange
You just have to move along.

I peer into the darkness of the lonely cave
I see The Book which draws me on
The fields are wide, deep and green
And I could keep on dreaming like this
The senses numb, the fingers move unknown
Into the break of dawn, shall we move on?

The rain is falling through the smoky clouds
I see the animals and I see the sunshine
Blazing on me,the shining sun
Looking at the statue and the tower high above
Familiar the structures both look

The mother goddess smiling on
The home ship is calling up,
the happiness its building on

The questions keep coming on
As I look at the lines on the hand
Indicating the path to move ahead
I feel the wind, think of the rest
The only thing eyes sleepy and body tired desire of

The tender’s bringing me the cheque
Of all the dues I have to pay
Running for the years they kept piling on
Burdened of a life to live
beautiful and yet ordinary

The world I see its binding me
The directions, there arent any
I have to leave without a trace
The road to take is yonder there
I feel the push, I feel the FORCE

I see the princess standing over yonder
Hair of gold and gentle smile
All of it turns a mirage once the life starts
The dreams of fire, a night in hell
the ruthless dragon guarding the gates

From the stranger’s hand come the signals
Of earth above and the sky below
Romancing with the fate, those Gods go on
To the land promised,

The dreams are plenty
of the morning and the setting moon
I see them all in a haze of light
passing through in a haze of dreams
Those wonderful dreams do call me on

The wind churning stories odd
I listen to them and forget all
I have to move along the wind
Its not the fate to be stuck
and along with me the life tags along

The blue bus, it moves along
All the myriad thoughts it takes along
To lose it all is the question now
To carry on is the other part

the red door, the shining armour
Egging me on to engage them all
a battle of wits, or of the eyes
the mind i say is opening up
looking at the edges of these hard drawn lines
drives i may have a plenty again
where to go i might never know

The empty bottle I stare at now
Colours of the rainbow it has got them all
The water in it, is my only friend
When I am all alone in the desert long
The oasises are many there

But in the end its all mirage
I see no water, but the colours
Of all the rainbows it has in it
I cant but drink even one of them
In the end its all mirage as I see them ALL


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