Was reminded by a friend of mine that I havent written anything on women for ages. So here it comes.

The hugs, the kisses, the smiles, the frowns
The glances, the stares, the smiles, the flares
The fire, the warmth, the chill, the cheer
The love, the hate, the fear, the strength
Ask for none, give it all they would

The eyes, the lips, the hair, the brows
The heart, the face, the bod, the grace
The walk, the talk,the gait, the poise
The love, the lust, the need, the desire
Fall in love why wouldn’t I?

The mother, the sister, the wife, the lover
The friend, the foe, the master, the slave
The peace, the shiver, the care, the shudder
The love, the pain , the agony, the pleasure
Give and take it all, can only, She and God

They shimmer, they glitter, they blister, they crack
They hurt, they bleed, they smile, they cry
They sizzle, they drizzle, they shine, they storm
They trod, they fly, they drone , they charm
and yet love is what they do the best


14 thoughts on “Women

  1. You wrote this ages back and finally you posted it.
    Nice work and I know the meaning of second para now, had a hard time understanding it.
    Good one!

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