Physics,Psychedelia & Music

Music and poetry talk about a lot many things, they talk about love,war, hate, tomatoes, death, boulevards, snakes and what not. Yet there are very few songs who talk about things which geeks really like (ofcourse counting out the girls). Putting science in music must be very tough and when you discover that there were artits who mixed Physics, Psychedelia and music together, the only reaction that you can muster up should be similar to doffing that imaginary hat to those great people who lived in the 60s and were known as The Byrds.

The song Fifth Dimension was written by the band member Jim McGuinn, as an attempt to explain Theory of Relativity and were inspired by the book -2-3-4, More, More, More, More by Don Landis. Guinn went on to say about the song:

“It’s sort of weird but…what I’m talking about is the whole universe, the fifth dimension, which is height, width, depth, time and something else. But there definitely are more dimensions than five. It’s infinite. The fifth dimension is the threshold of scientific knowledge.

“‘5D’ was an ethereal trip into metaphysics, into an almost Moslem submission to an Allah, an almighty spirit, free-floating, the fifth dimension being the ‘mesh’ which Einstein theorized about. He proved theoretically – but I choose to believe it.

Unfortunately, due to the abstract lyrics of the song and the rampant recreational drug culture of 60s, made people think of the song being about a LSD trip.A magazine named Variety coming up with a list of pop songs with illegal drug references singled this track out coz of its surreal lyrics, resulting to banning of the song from radio staions. And, thus Byrds completed their journey from Physics to Psychedelia.

To Quote McGuinn

And I opened my heart to the whole universe and I found it was loving
And I saw the great  blunder my teachers had made
Scientific delirium madness


4 thoughts on “Physics,Psychedelia & Music

  1. Likes… 🙂 just we in FB.. there should be an option of ‘liking’ here too…. you keep on pouring more and more info… it’s good like a daily drug dose… 😀

  2. # Maruti : Sry forgot to give ur ref 😐 Btw me too like it.. has been going on & on in my playlist

    # Pankaj : Listen to the song once and you will fall in love with it.

    1. Its okie dude … I don’t care about references anymore 🙂 .. I like it that u are educating people about history of rock 🙂 keep it going

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