Dylan’s Norwegian Woods

Norwegian Woods, one of the most loved Beatles song from the album Rubber Soul was the time when Beatles were finally writing new things, they were listening to new sounds “due to some substances” to quote Ringo. That’s when came Norwegian Woods, one of the first lyrically strong which had a lot to say in too few words. This was in a sense a move towards the Dylan style of meaningful writing.

Just about 5 months later, Dylan comes up with the song 4th Time Around in the album Blonde on Blonde (perhaps the best Dylan album). One listen to the song, one read at the lyrics and you realise its Dylan’s Norwegian Woods. He has said the story of Norwegian Woods in his own words and style.

This rare occurrence, gives us a chance to analyse the writing of arguably 2 of the best song writers ever lived. Both songs are accompained by light instruments so it’s the lyrics which carry them both (Dylan influence on Lennon)
Lennon, comes says the story in 10 lines using his powerful imagery “biding my time” and “Drinking my tea”. He creates the perfect picture of the room, the rug and the bird that had flown.

Dylan, comes in all his poetic glory talking about the wasted words, and then he would take you along to the her room talking abuot her boot, suit and getting cute. He then just veers off in a tangent talking about the gum. He even tells you about forgetting his shirt, talks about the jamaican rum, and again some gun, and still goes on.
And this is where the difference comes, lennon tells you about things, Dylan about events and actions. That’s why Lennon’s remains a wonderful imagery while it seems as if Dylan is showing you a skit or living his life eating the gum in front of you.

Norwegian Woods
4th Time Around


2 thoughts on “Dylan’s Norwegian Woods

  1. Reading the title I was like “what???” … Dylan’s Norwegian Woods???? 😀
    Have not heard Dylan’s much… but have heard so much about his lyrics…. probably time to spend some time on Dylan now 🙂

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