The End

Few years ago a tale was born
a tale of love, one of hearts
The romeo too would bow to him
And the Juliet would adore her
If only they, could see them

But tales are tales
And like them all
The lovers all, we saw before
These two are yet again
Two hearts that pain and go on

But tales are tales
And love is not the only thing
Which rules the world
Hearts myriad though it may rule
Its the ugly world which rares the head

Stories we read are always sad
Its the love which, is always flamed
Ways different they both have
Directions new they take, and
Cut away the loving knot

But tales are tales
They never die
Words of poet, hearts of people
Is where they always live
And that’s where these two will live

PS1 : Part I & Part II
PS2 : The whole series is mostly taken out of the lives of my friends, so would like to thank and dedicate to some of them.
PS3 : Musical services resume tomorrow.


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