Great Expectations

Sitting at the home, all alone
no place to go, no work to do
pick up the phone, i think of a name
and all i wish is to, ask “How do you do?”

Have heard your tales, O haughty Mademoiselle
Heart you have none, is a news forgone
Yet i will wait for, a message or a chore
A day i wonder, will make you remember

A day will come the clocks will work
the dark Miss, we never shall miss
Or that dusk hour, in the Satis Manor
someday we will forget, the events we regret

and till that time, until i rhyme
I shall remember, and always wonder
how could it have been, if only you weren’t wooden
if only they weren’t knaves, if only i wasn’t coarse.

Once more in the game, we see the names same
Love and nonchalant air, paths different they acquire
A Pip, An Estella, and once again a story
Of A boy, A girl and Great Expectations

PS1: My adaptation of the my fav book, Great Expectations
PS2: Apologies to people who mightn’t have read the book.


9 thoughts on “Great Expectations

  1. Have heard your poems, O haughty poet
    Rhymes you have none, and yet
    you write this stuff more and more
    I wonder when you will end this bore

    And yeah Great Expectations is boring too.

    1. Its good to see, you are becoming a constant feature on this blog.. like ur comments every time they come 🙂 .

      And as to the book, man/woman(?) that’s a classic and classics always tend to be bore if you really arent in the mood/touch/feel/level 🙂

    2. Just like you everyone’s entitled to his or her opinions… so mine is ” if you’ve read Great Expectations and found it boring…… go eat dirt ” 😀

    3. Hi Cynic…

      Love your name, you seem a kindred spirit
      But rhythm you have none, it is no secret.

      Poetry’s not entirely about matching word-ends
      There should be some feeling, as proves this friend

      Yours is more of word-and-word match,
      But misses the core; there’s the catch.

      Perhaps the lines do not end in rhyme,
      But they Scan well, and it’s hence, no crime

      Some day, I hope you will learn scansion
      Till then, spare yourself this tension

      From reading things that to you do not appeal-
      For haughty poetry, on blogs, is no big deal.


      1. English speaking their own tongue 🙂 ^:)^ Awesome 😀

        If only you read my posts more regularly and posted such comments.
        Btw obv it was dedicated to you, and now that you commented, so thought of mentioning it 😀

  2. wow this one iz too good himank…or fav Gr8 expectations rocks B-).
    And equally well replied Estella 😀

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